Evalamor, the eco-friendly lingerie brand created by a designer.

Being a former lingerie model, made me conscious about the importance of wearing nice lingerie daily.

We all have our stay-in underwear or period panties, but let’s be honest: when you have a slaying outfit and you know that under it you have great underwear, you feel invincible.

This month I got in touch with the brand Evalamor, which, on top of being a designer lingerie brand, is also an ecofriendly one.

They wanted to send me some samples of their collection for me to try them and make a review.

I was asked about which colors I do usually prefer and I went straight for black and pink.

Black because it is the one I use the most, and pink because, with all the pink items I have received from Femme Luxe in the last weeks, it would be nice to have some more lingerie to pair up.

The website offers a large selection of lingerie and accessories, including a whole part dedicated to curvy / plus size.

The nightdress section is also a cute one, I am utterly in love with the lace nightdresses and the robes.

As for me, I am not a fan of mismatched lingerie, so though the website of Evalamor offers the panties section as separated, I went straight to check the co-ord part and the body part.

Bodies are not exactly super comfortable when it comes to using them: in my personal opinion, it is a lot of work to go to the restroom when you are out of your house.

But I love the look of them when I wear them as tops with a pair of jeans or with a classic jacket and pants for a more sophisticated look.

A great number of bralettes are available and this could be an option for the body and judging by the number of posts including bralettes, it seems that this trend is not going to end any time soon.

I went to check also the sales and there is a lot to fall in love with.
To me, it is a pink lacey body that would look bomb with the black blazer I bought last month.

So today I received my pr package from Evalamor, it came in a lovely pink envelope, and inside there was a beautiful bodysuit, with black lace, silky sides and it can be opened at the bottom of it.

I took some photos with it and I loved it!

For all of my loyal readers, here you have a 25%OFF for every order by clicking here and adding my code BARBARAFAVAFMX

And don’t forget to visit their website https://www.evalamor.com/

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