Pink and lacey with Evalamor lingerie.

A few weeks ago, I had the chance to collaborate with the eco-friendly lingerie brand, Evalamor.
They sent me back then, a lovely bodysuit in black satin with lacey inserts.
If you remember, I also posted some photos of it.

If you don’t, don’t worry, click here and check the article.

I used it with some joggers pants, and the outfit was just perfect for the quarantine times that we were leaving back then.
We decided to collaborate again together, and this time I ask him to send me something in pink, which is my favorite shade together with khaki and black.

So a few days ago, I received another lovely pink envelope from Evalamor, containing the most beautiful, pink, lacey Bodysuit I ever saw.
The body looks wonderful and it is perfect to wear it under a pink dress as much as with some jeans to give it a casual vibe or also with some joggers to keep on with the trends of Instagram.

The brand offers a large selection of underwear and that I am amazed by the number of deals that you can find on it.
Among those, if you buy two panties one is for free so you’re going to get three panties for the price of two.

Another one is the up to 70% off on the spring clean selection which is basically the latest collection.
I want to check among the spring clean sales and they have a from playsuits to bralettes to three-piece lingerie to bodysuits.
The materials go from velvet to lace to fishnet, and they have a wide range of colors which include blue, khaki, white, red, pink, black, and many others.
They also have some sling top and some T-shirts as well as some full bodysuits.

One of my favorite one of those proposed in the sales is that sexy leopard playsuit with a cost of $24.99.
The original price was almost $30 but on this website, you’re going to get a discount of the 16% off, and it comes in the size small, medium and large.
I may order this one because I think it’s one of the pieces that should never be missed in a closet.
The body has Leopard prints all over, a deep V collar with a center lace detail and adjustable straps.

If you feel a little bit kinky, the website offers also this large variety of costumes, to have a little bit of play in the bedroom, or wherever you want.
Among the costumes, they are bunny costumes Leopard with ears included, the nurse, the maid, the police cosplay, and a series of plaid lingerie costumes as well.

If you are in the mood of having some nightwear looking pretty and comfortable at the same time, Evalamor helps you with a great selection of baby dolls, nightdresses, loungewear, and robes.

Another thing that I love about this brand that is the fact that they have a selection dedicated to plus size and curvy women.
In this selection, one of my favorites is the plus size black mesh baby doll dress which on top of being her in a very nice shade, it has also an insert on the front and on the cups, made in mesh printed with some lovely pink lips as if it was kissed.

The surprises with Evalamor are not done yet.
Click on accessories, and if you’re keen on trying new things or to keep on using them, you will find out that the label offers a classy, and wide assortment of accessories and toys to have fun with your better half.

So yesterday I decided after almost a year of not shooting lingerie photos, to give it a go with a photographer who lives here in Belgium as well.
He specializes in glamour photos, and I thought that I wanted great photos for this article as I want to show you the quality of the product that I got.
We arrived, and the location is this beautiful loft close to Bruxelles, but I decided to take the photos on the balcony because we are being lucky enough to have great weather in the last few days.

I had to do the post production of the photos myself as probably the photographer was too busy in this moment, but luckily I am not lacking of softwares for this.

I tried on the bodysuit, and the first thing that I noticed is the soft kind of lace that has been used to produce this garment.
I had other bodysuits before but the material is kinda itchy so I don’t wear them too much and as often as I would like to.
This kind of body has to be where by pulling it from underneath.

On the back, it has a long zip that helps you to wear it easier.
While on the shoulders you have those four long tapes in the same pink shade of the rest of the item, which are meant to help you to regulate the length of the straps for you to have a 100% comfortable garment.

For women like me over the meter and 70 cm, it’s very important to be able to regulate items on the shoulders as quite often, when it comes to bodies or jumpsuit, it happens that they are too short on the bust.

Personally, I appreciate a lot with the brands think about making the straps adjustable.
So I took my photos, and as you can see from the pictures I’m posting with this article, this bodysuit seems tailored to my measures.

If I have to be honest 100% with you, which is something that I always do, between the piece that I received the first time and this one probably this one goes better with my personal taste both in underwear and in tops to wear under a blazer.

I have the feeling that I’m going to use this bodysuit way much more than the first one as the first one is obviously very nice but still, this pink bodysuit is such a nice shade of pink and it’s so comfortable that you don’t even feel that you’re wearing such sexy underwear.

I’m going to leave you the special code here for you to use it (or just copy and paste BARBARAFAVAFMX1) and have a little bit of shopping with Evalamor on their website with a great discount.

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