My Shared Faith, a brand of love and hope.

Fjen, one of the rescued doggies part of my amazing family.

When you look at my social media nowadays, you see a smiling woman, surrounded by her pets, a loving boyfriend, and living in a big house in the countryside of Belgium.

You see also how I, almost daily, receive presents from brands, how I travel the world as a professional sports announcer, you see me swinging in the Indonesian jungle of Bali and visiting luxury hotels or restaurants where I am invited to review them.

Some of you already know about my condition of being epileptic, even though thanks to the country’s life, it got incredibly better, almost a year without seizures.

What a very few of you know, it that in February 2013, I lost it all.

I was still living in Italy, not being able to do the job of my dreams, a professional sports announcer for motocross because “it’s a job for men”, I had a boyfriend who was an alcoholic, and I ended up miserable.

And the whole situation ended up even worse with me being hospitalized in a red critic code on the day of my 27th birthday because of him.

It cost me time, efforts, and holding on on my Faith with every single inch of myself.

Almost a year later, I was packing getting ready to leave for Los Angeles for three months. 

No plans just wanted to feel alive after the recovery year I spent in the Czech Republic with my mom.

I had the freest and light time of my life in California, looking back at it, it feels like a dream.

In August 2014 I decided to move to Mexico City because of better working options and so I did.

I landed without knowing a single word of Spanish and in three months I was already having nice and fluent conversations.

Xpilots and the big turn.

2016: my first ever Xpilot and FMX live show as announcer.

A year later, after becoming a star on the live stunt shows across Mexico, I was hired as the official announcer of one of the biggest shows for Freestyle Motocross worldwide: Xpilots.

MXGP of Asia 2019 – Indonesia

And the rest is history.

The tours with Monster Energy, the stadiums, the arenas, tv, movies I acted in, traveling, and the crowning of my wildest dreams as an announcer: being the voice of the MXGP of Asia, the motocross world championship in the tour stops of Indonesia.

MXGP of Asia 2019, official live voice in Indonesia. My Faith made me achieve it.

About love? I met William (Van den Putte, vice world champion in Freestyle Motocross at the Nitro World Games) thanks to this sport and we just celebrated two years of life together.

A few weeks ago, and yes, he still takes me on dates.

And as I am writing about this, I am planning the next Indonesia chapter for a motocross show in Jakarta this year. Hopefully, if the corona lets us travel freely.

Last year I also started working harder on my social media capacities and I launched this blog, The Wandering Cloud, who just celebrated the 25,000 visits a couple of days ago, and this month I launched my first own store.

Looking back at my story, I know that my Faith literally kept me alive.

On the red carpet of the MXGP of Asia gran galà in 2019

I was slammed to the ground, run over in every possible way, and my dreams broken multiple times.

But I never gave up.

My Shared Faith and its founder Pamela Pinkard

A couple of weeks ago, I got in touch with Pamela, the founder of the U.S. brand “My Shared Faith”, a jewelry collection aiming to give Faith and strength through, as their website says, “inspirational gift-boxed jewelry with a special message of hope printed inside each package:

“Today, I am sharing my faith with you and praying that this token will help remind you that you are never alone.”

I honestly think, that in times when there are people, just like me, that haven’t seen their parents in months due to the pandemic situation, people who lost their jobs, people who are fighting the virus in the first row like our medics and nurses and many other situations, is important to be able to send Faith in any way we can.

Their necklaces, with their honest prices, are beautiful, timeless, and beautiful.

If I would receive something like this, with the message it brings, I would be touched.

Because this is the kind of gift that you make to someone you love dearly.

Pamela is doing a great job with her brand, born from her unbreakable Faith in God as the daughter of a head-trauma patient, and she is relentless in her commitment to raising funds through her company for the Brain Aneurysm Foundation.

If there are women that should be featured more on the news and blogs, are women like Pamela.

Visit her web-site My Shared Faith and give yourself and to your dearest ones, a sign of love and Hope today.

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