The Wandering Cloud Collection is finally live!

Me in Bali back in 2019 at the BSTS (Bali Sea Turtle Society) with some of the newly rescued baby turtles.

Launching a business is a challenge nowadays, and more during these pandemic times.
I have spent several weeks doing researches and trying to find the best platform that could help me with this project that has been on my to-do list for more than a year.

The Wandering Cloud was born last year around these days, and in a year I worked hard to make it grow to the blog that is nowadays.

Collaboration after collaboration, word after word, TWC has grown in the last few months of an amazing 188.2% according to Google Analytics.

As every small business owner, I wanted to expand a bit more my chances and I decided that it was about time for me to launch my very own online store, with branded items.

So as you may have noticed, I went silent in the past weeks, not updating the feed, but working on the website itself, adding a page where brands and companies can book my services straight from The Wandering Cloud, and yesterday, I officially launched the TWC Store.

I spent days in designing each one of the items that you will see on the store page, I chose the colors, the models and the materials, giving space also to the organic cotton part of it.

I decided, spontaneously, to cut from my earnings of each sale, a part of the money, and donate them to associations I have been collaborating with, like the Sea Turtle Society of Bali, to help them with keeping up the great job in preserving the marine life.

Every item is produced either in the United States or in Europe and shipped from there.
The collection includes clothing for women, men, kids, and babies, as well as homeware, accessories, and pet hoodies.

TWC Organic Long Sleeves Tee
TWC Leggings
TWC Flowy Tank Top

It is inspired by my lifestyle, so a lot of travels, coffees, the Wi-Fi research to be able to submit my content and my passion for eco-friendly missions.

One of the sweatshirts for kids.
One of the Tees for Men. It has been inspired by William.

From items with a price as low as 4,33€ / 5 USD up, not only you will be buying something made with the heart by yours truly, but you will be also helping the fight against plastic and helping in keeping the oceans clean.

For obvious reasons, I decided to include among the products, also a reusable cloth mask, in white with my logo.

Bags, Totes and Fanny Packs

I also included two varieties of bags, one of those is made in organic cotton, to help you travel in style and made to be folded and taken everywhere you need to go.

There is also a fanny pack, comfortable and trendy, for those who are always on the go like me and need a smaller bag to carry around a wallet, phone, and smaller items.

Phone Cases

One of the colors for the phone cases

Talking about phones, I designed cases for iPhone, from the iPhone 6 to iPhone 11Pro and for Samsung phones, starting from Samsung 7 to Samsung S10, including the Edge models and Plus models.
Each one available in 9 different colors.

Kids and Babies

As for the kids’ and babies’ collections, I wanted to make tees with positive messages, because I believe in motivating others, and more if those others are the next generations.

Mugs and Coffees


One of my favorite items, is the TWC Mug, available in multiple colors and the nicest mug ever to me because it represent my daily effort with my small business.

There are so many other items that you should absolutely go and check them out by yourself, you can pay through Paypal and Debit and Credit cards!

The European and the American Stores are slightly different and some items may be available only on one store and others may be shipped from one Continent or the other.

Once the other business I am working with William, The Rockstar Action Sports Cafè will open its doors, later in Fall 2020, I will design an area where to physically sell TWC collection.

Click here if you want to start shopping at my store or just check it out!

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