The Triangolo in Antwerp: best Italian food abroad so far.

I am Italian, and I grow up with a dad who is an Italian chef.
But I have been living abroad for almost ten years now, so I had the chance of visiting a lot of restaurants, Italian ones included.

If I have to be honest, I am very hard to please when it comes to Italian food, due to the reasons listed above.

Yesterday I had the chance of visiting a new restaurant in Antwerp, found on Instagram while searching for some new places to try.
It is called the Triangolo (the Triangle in English), and it is a lovely, modern restaurant in Antwerp.
I read a lot of good reviews about it, so me and my boyfriend, we decided to give it a go.
The place is fully renovated, everything is brand new and in a spotless, velvet fashion style.

The kind of places you want to show on your social media feed.
We have been welcomed right away, and I shortly found out that the whole staff is Italian.
It made me so happy after so many months, to be able to speak my language and order from the menu fully understanding what I am asking.

I felt home as if I went to a restaurant in my home town, Milan.

The menu comes in both Italian and Dutch, so we were both able to order each one in our language.
We asked for a bottle of red wine, and we got served a Nero D’Avola from Sicily.

They work with organic wines and it was just perfect, with the right glasses to sip it.
They also brought us some sparkling San Pellegrino’s water, which is very common in Italy when you go to the restaurant to have both wine and water on the table.
We asked for one antipasto Triangolo, which is a variety of a very decent portion of their most famous starters and it arrived with the daintiest presentation I have seen in the last year.
It was more than enough for two people.

Then I ordered a tagliata di tonno while William asked for a grigliata mista di mare.
They brought both plates at the same time and I needed to take a photo of both of them because they were just too beautiful.
My tuna was well-made and aesthetically great to the sights.
But I wasn’t expecting it to be also THIS good.

The tuna was soft, yet crispy with the pistachios crust, melting right away on my tongue, and coming with some scales of real Grana, it is by far the best tuna I have ate here in Belgium.
I stole here and there also some bits from William and the swordfish was so delicate and well cooked that it reminded me of my dad’s culinary skills.

William also became a fan of this restaurant and declared that we will come back for sure to celebrate our anniversary.
We finished dinner with real Italian espresso and our bellies full of food and satisfaction.

I am always very sharp and I don’t beat around the bushes when it comes to reviewing a place, but easy, and without exaggerating, the Triangolo of Antwerp is so far, the best Italian restaurant abroad, I have eaten at in all of those years around the world.

If I could give them more than five stars also for the great smiles and passion they put in their job, I would.
Come here if you want to taste the real Italian cuisine and have some great quality time: you won’t be disappointed at all!

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