Pearly Lustre: the timeless jewels from Singapore.

Pearls are the timeless jewels that all of us, have dreamt about at least one in our life.
Eternal symbols of purity, loyalty, and love, pearls have been worn since forever among women of all ages.

Being the oldest gemstones on Earth, pearls were very well appreciated since 2300 BC, from the Chinese royalty while the Roman Emperor Julius Caesar, in the 1st century BC, dictated a new law giving the exclusivity of this precious gem only to the aristocracy.

Cleopatra, on her way to seduce Marc Antony, invited him to the most expensive banquet for their times, with pearls pulverized into the wine glasses.

Fast-forwarding to our times, Princess Diana wore in multiple public occasions jewels made of pearls, while hundreds of Hollywood stars, from Marylin Monroe to Audrey Hepburn, appeared in movies and on red-carpets fancying the little tiny globes.

So when recently, the Singaporean brand Pearly Lustre, offered me a collaboration, I was in awe.
As you already know, I am a huge fan of mermaids and everything ocean-related.

Pearls are since forever, the jewels of mermaids, so you can imagine how happy I am.
The South Asian company, counts also on pearl specialists taking part in fashion shows, exhibitions in New York, Milan, Paris, Shanghai, and Seoul.

With their company based in the flourishing city of Singapore, they managed to create an international fan base, loving their creations and wearing them all over the world.

With their three collections, Elegant, Wonderland, and Art of Handicraft, the brand offers a wide range of jewels.
The Elegant collection is the collection dedicated to timeless pieces, the classics, and those that will never go out of fashion.
Wonderland is my favorite: playful, with a lot of animal-themed pieces, it is definitely up to my alley.
Art of Handicraft is dedicated to handcrafted and abstracted pieces.
No matter what is your favorite jewel, they have it: earrings, bracelets, necklaces, charms…named it and they have it.
And they are absolutely beautiful.

My heart skipped a beat when I opened my gifted jewel.

To be honest, is the first pearl jewel that I receive not only from a brand but also in my life.
The brand sent me the loveliest earrings with pearls ever.
One pearl on each earring, with a small star made in gold on the background.
I find them extremely graceful and classy but with that modern twist that makes them highly wearable in daily life.
On their Instagram, there are some of their jewels and to be honest, I really hope that Santa will pay them a visit when it comes to my present.

And talking about Christmas, as you know how much I love to plan ahead of time, I can give you an astonishing 50%OFF valid storewide.
Just click here and claim your discount on Pearly Lustre.

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