I’ll be back on the 28th of September: TWC new office!

As you may have seen from my Instagram stories, I newly moved to our new house, always in Herentals, Belgium.

It’s a lovely detached house more in the countryside, where we will also open our coffee place The Rockstar Action Sports Café later in autumn-to-winter time.

I am currently waiting for the internet service to come and connect my new office with high-speed internet.

So I’ll be able to face the steadily increasing number of demands that I receive from brands and businesses for campaigns and social media services.

This means that I’ll be able to offer a better service in terms of speed.

So for the moment, if you submitted an inquiry, please be patient a couple of days for me to set up everything.

Same for musicians and artists waiting for me to review their songs on Submit Hub.

I’m sharing and reviewing as many as possible each day, and your request will be attended as soon as possible.

I’m very excited about the future of The Wondering Cloud and the growth of my small business, thanks to each one of you.

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