BonNoces and their pastel-toned tableware.

Among my passions, I love home decor and everything related to the subject.
I follow through my Instagram so many accounts dedicated to home decor that by now, I have built my dream house at least ten times.
One of my goals, with the moving to the detached country house in Herentals, was to finally have my coffee corner.
I have been collecting photos, downloading them from IG, from Google, and from wherever I could for months now.
Last week I began my coffee corner mission and up to now, it’s looking just as I pictured: a lot of pastel tones and aesthetics just as I wanted it.
The dominant color, as you may have imagined, is pink.
In the meanwhile, I got the chance to get in touch with the company BonNoces, which is an international brand, and after a brief chat, we decided to collaborate to show you some products of their collections as it is a great option for those, like me, and like you, always searching for the best options for their home decor.
I picked up a few of their pieces, which in my opinion, are the most appealing for coffee and tea lovers like us.

The Ceramic Plates with a Matte Finish.

The first items are the ceramic plates.
Made with a matte coating, are absolutely impressive and available in three different sizes, 10, 8, and 6 inches, will give a fresh and practical look to your table, from the breakfast, all the way to dinner, and why not, also to the snack times.
On BonNoce, there is a plate for every style and color.

No matter what is your mood of the day, you will be able to match it with your plates, for a unique experience.

The Cupcake Holder

The other selected of the day is their cupcake and pastries holder.
I saw those for the first time while attending an afternoon tea in London this year and I decided I wanted one cake-holder as well.
Because good looking food has to be arranged on a good looking plate.

Possibly in pastel tones.

I fell in love, hard, with the pink one.

Three plates, in three different dimensions, and the metal structure, give a solid and classy solution to satisfy both your sight and your bud tastes.

I will buy them for my coffee place as well, the Rockstar Action Sports Cafe here in Herentals.
Stable, with their petal design, they are going to be the new trending hashtag here.

BonNoces, at the moment, is having an astonishing promotion with the 15%off all over the website.
You will have a wide selection of plates, cake-holders, kettles, and ramekins or soufflé dishes as they are also known.
You have up to 60 days to change your mind, but I am quite sure that once opened your package from BonNoces, you will fall in love with your shopping items and keep them forever.

So click here to claim yours and go and have some great shopping for your home decor goals.

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