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Katy Weighted Blanket Review helps COVID stress and anxiety.

If we could rewind to the 31st of December of 2019, I am pretty sure that we would not celebrate the arrival of 2020 as we did.

To be honest and fair, I can’t believe that I cheered the arrival of this year, hoping for a hopelessly romantic “the best has yet to come.”.

And here we are, ten months after our celebrations, wondering what is going to be our future while we still deal with the corona pandemic situation.

As you know, because I have always been very open about it, I deal with epilepsy since I was in my teenage years and with being on the spectrum since forever.

I just went under the radar for basically all of my life with the last one, but hey, better late than never.

Like many other people with my conditions, this corona season, which has already turned in a corona year, has brought a lot of anxiety, depression, and company multiplied to the next level, skyrocketing them to the stars.

Recent studies have proved, that 75% of the population, is suffering from stress-related to the virus, anxiety, and depression in over 50%, and insomnia in over 35%.

So as you can see, we are all navigating on the same boat.

Today for me, and many other people living in Belgium, start the new lockdown.

Restaurants, bars, and cafès are closed for the next four weeks, and to be honest, I am already bracing myself for facing an upcoming total lockdown.

Thank God, this time we are already living in our own house, with a garden, a big apartment and our cafè place, the Rockstar, is located on the ground floor.

So if I want to at least play at faking to go to a coffee place, I can do it.

I have to admit that my sleeping patterns have gone down the drain.

If it was already an issue b.C. (before-Covid), these months it’s a complete lottery win feeling being able to sleep 8 hours straight.

One solution, amid the infinite proposals I had the chance to read about, is the weighted blankets.

For those still unaware of what I am talking about, let me give you a brief introduction.

The weighted blankets are like the name suggests, blankets heavier than a normal one, filled with materials like glass beads as an example.

They come in different sizes and weights to match your body weight.

Your blanket should be a good 10% of your body weight plus a half or one kilo more.

They also come divided into medium pressure and heavy pressure, depending on which one makes you feel more comfortable.

A weighted blanket, thanks to its weight, is a safe, non-pharmacological, and complementary help in dealing with the following conditions:

– Reduces restlessness and helps with anxiety.

– Helps with Insomnia and improves sleep quality.

– Helps to increase focus for ADHD and manage symptoms of Autism.

– Reduces Fibromyalgia Pain.

– Improves mood and gives a feeling of calmness.

– Reduces the symptoms of PTSD and Panic Disorder.

– Restless Leg Syndrome.

For years, whenever I am experiencing anxiety, insomnia, and all the rest, I found comforting piling up blankets and feeling better by feeling the pressure on my body.

Obviously, this is not always possible.

It means a bulky mountain of blankets on the bed, on the sofa, and me being buried under it, most of the time giving up because of the crescent heat inside my nest.

I had the chance to get in touch and collaborate with Katy Mattress, which is a company focused on selling affordable luxury items at very affordable prices.

Far from taking advantage of the necessities of its clients, Katy Mattress is the perfect solution if you are interested in making extremely comfortable your nights and cozy times.

As their website states, everything they sell is proudly made in the USA to reach the highest quality, they don’t use any bad chemicals, and they are so sure of all that I just wrote, that they offer a 100 Night Trial.

It means that if you are not satisfied with what you bought, they are going to organize the pick-up of the item for donation or eco-friendly recycling.

Which, to me, sounds absolutely great.

I honestly love when I see that companies are first of all caring so much about quality and thinking about every aspect of their business just like Katy Mattress.

They have a five years warranty and free shipping and free return.

Plus, it is safe for kids and for adults.

God knows how much I would have loved to have this one as a kid.

The blanket, filled with odorless glass beads, and with a special technique which includes small fiber-filled pockets, the people at Katy Mattress are able to make sure that the weight is evenly distributed, and that the beads won’t make any noise.

Another great advantage here is that they offer a tailored package for your brand new weighted blanket by giving you a winter duvet and a summer one, which is the solution to my “nesting-problem” I was talking about earlier.

The summer duvet is a light, cotton-made duvet, soft and perfect for the warmest weather while the winter one is a super soft and fluffy duvet, to snuggle in and fall peacefully asleep.

Both can be machine-washed, making them very low-maintenance 

Katy Mattress offers two colors of this blanket: white and dark grey.

I would always choose a grey one.

I like white duvets but the grey makes it more boho-style in my humble opinion.

The feeling of a weighted blanket is like being hugged.

Close your eyes and imagine being hugged tight by your favorite person in the world.

You can feel all the anxieties, fears, meltdowns, panic fading away every second passing and you slowly but steady are calm again, smiling as well.

Comforted in the best way possible.

Now imagine being able to feel like that every time you need, even when you are on your own, doing smart-work from home or watching a movie on the sofa, or just laying down in your bed.

Personally, I spend so many nights tossing and turning that at one point, not even the meds I was taking to control my epilepsy were helping anymore.

I was just plain insomniac.

When the solution was a weighted blanket.

You know, shopping here, feels like shopping with a friend.

For people on the spectrum like me, trusting is an issue.

And being overwhelmed also.

I go to a shop, and then I get bewildered by how many things there are that most of the time if I have to hurry up, I end up without buying anything.

Here at Katy Mattress, they have their heartwarming policies, great customer service and they really put their heart into what they do. And this, for people just like you and me, is the best warranty.

They give you the time you need to find the perfect one for you.

As if this wasn’t enough, they told me that I could offer a 5%OFF on their offer for the blanked plus the two duvets to you!

All you have to do is click on this link: https://dealspotr.com/getcode/mKBq1

I am mesmerized by the quality of the product and their kindness, and for sure, this is the first of many shopping-spree at Katy Mattress for me

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