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White Pouches Info: strawberries, coffee and nicotine.

The last time I blogged about nicotine pouches, quite a few of you came up on my social media thanking me for giving them an alternative to the noxious smoke of cigarettes & company.

As we are irremediably facing another lockdown, most of the people I know for being smokers are trying to find a solution to their need while avoiding forcing their families to deal with second-hand smoke.

The best solution is, as I was saying, nicotine pouches.

This product, originally from Sweden, is a little white bag, free from tobacco and which will allow you to consume the same amount of nicotine without absorbing it through your lungs.
Of course, we are still talking about nicotine, so it has to be taken responsibly as we are talking of a very addictive substance.

What I was unaware of before building my culture upon the white pouches, is that they come in tens and tens of flavors.
To be honest, I always thought that they would taste like cigarettes, and I couldn’t wrap my head around the fact that people were enjoying this.

But thanks to WhitePouches.info, I learned so much more about them!
White pouches also have the great pro of not staining your teeth, so say goodbye to yellowish-smiles and expensive whitening treatments at the dentist.

Among the flavors available, this time, there are blackberries by the brand Skruf, apple mint by Zyn, and berry citrus by Nordic Spirit.

Zyn also made a flavor that could totally be mine: Espressino Mini No2.
Imagine a white nicotine pouch, tasting like roasted coffee flavor with some hints of vanilla, nougat, and cocoa.

Photo by Brooke Lewis on Pexels.com

Nordic Spirit Berry Stripes

On the other side, Nordic Spirit tempts through their Berry Stripes, a limited 2020 edition, with a cost range of 4 to 7€, tasting like strawberries.
It comes in twenty slim portions, and the total content of nicotine is around 13 to 14 mg.
Fresh and innovative, you should hurry up if you want to try it.

If you want to learn more, visit my friends at WhitePouches.info as they are the best in all the news and information about white pouches!

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