TWC on Bloglovin’ and official media for BeLux.

Lately, I am being so crazy busy that to keep up with all the campaigns and work, I didn’t even post about my 50.000 hits with The Wandering Cloud in September.

I did the shooting once I was already closer to the 90k, and so, to be honest, I still have to shoot the one with 100k, but I am waiting for some outfits to arrive.

But yes, I already have the balloons.

I also wanted to thank you for being part of all of this.
Every month, the flow of readers is growing, and this month I would like to say 12,300 times thank you to each one of you. and being a media specialist.

But I landed some other great goals in the meanwhile.
Like being listed as a media specialist for, and consequentially having The Wandering Cloud listed as an official media for Belgium and Luxembourg.
The invitation arrived unexpectedly, and it made me incredibly proud.

Having my blog listed with TV, radio stations, newspapers and magazines is a huge deal.


And the other one is that from today, The Wandering Cloud is part of the Bloglovin community, so people will be able to follow it even more from the platform.

Follow my blog with Bloglovin

Give it a click, and don’t forget to follow TWC over there!


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