Aye Captain! Spytail sent me a bottle of their rum for Christmas.

Living in Belgium also means having the fortune of being a neighbor to the number one country when it comes to wine and alcoholic drinks: France.

France is known for its incredible wineries and rums.

Ten days ago, I got an email from the French brand Spytail rum, asking me if they could send over as a gift a bottle of their rum for me to taste and enjoy during Christmas time.

I said yes as I like a good glass of rum, Aye Captain!

I was waiting for the bottle to arrive, and I went to their website to read about them, and their products.

This is their story.

The Spytail Rum Company is based in the Cognac region of France, famous for not only its namesake brandy but also the production of some of the finest spirits and liqueurs in the world.

Dating back to the 18th Century, France has a long tradition of importing and drinking fine rums imported from the Caribbean. The huge cane plantations of the tropical islands provided France with a supply of not only sugar but also fine rums that were distilled in traditional stills. 

Here a graphic description of the process.

This rum was transported in oak barrels across the Atlantic, maturing all the while on the perilous voyage. Arriving at ports around French coastal towns such as La Rochelle, the rum was decanted from barrels and bottled for distribution around the country. 

The Spytail Rum Company uses this history as the basis for our fine rums.”.

I must admit that I learned more from roaming on their website than in years in clubs.

But the story keeps going:

Our cognac barrel rum is aged in cognac casks, and our Ginger Rum is infused with fresh ginger and spices. We source aged rums from the Caribbean (Trinidad and Guyana) and blend them in our cellars. We produce two exceptional rums. 

Spytail Cognac Cask is a Caribbean rum aged and finished in Cognac casks.

Spytail Ginger, a dark rum that is aged in Cognac casks, blended and infused with ginger and other spices to produce a delicious twist on traditional spiced rums. 

Our fresh ginger is sourced from the far east.”

The one that I received is Spytail Cognac.

I misbehaved, may Santa forgive me, and last night, I already opened the bottle to have a sip.

The scent is captivating, sweet yet spicy and deep.

The taste is full, delicate and you can definitely savor the Cognac flavor on the back of the rum itself.

I served it on the rocks, which is my favorite as I used to drink it while living in Mexico and visiting Ixtapa, Mazatlan, and Acapulco.

Definitely, I am happy about discovering this brand.

I will make sure that at the Rockstar Action Sports Cafè of my property and in my private bar, we will never run out of Spytail.

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