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Leaps and Rebounds: lose weight while having fun!

Sky loves my Leaps & Rebounds! He also tried to jump on it!

If there is a year that has been affecting my fluffiness is 2020.

I have never been gym addicted, but I always enjoyed doing exercise to keep healthy my body and mind.

Of course, if you follow me, you already know that I am a professional stunt performer, and I have been doing some crazy tricks over the years on motorcycles, from road bikes to motocross ones.

I have been doing a lot of aerial yoga because I enjoy a lot doing tricks and flipping here and there while being suspended in the air.

Though my mom is a professional athletic coach and my brothers are in the Italian nationals for shot put (Cristina) and hammer throw (Andrea), I never liked these kinds of sports.

In my life, I did a lot of horse riding, karate, snowboard, stunts.

Last year before relocating back to Europe, while still being in Mexico City, I saw a video of a mini-trampoline class, called Rebounding, being held somewhere in the United States.

I wanted to try it so badly that I started asking everyone if they knew where I could practice it.

No one could help me.

Fast-forwarding to this year, I was able to find some centers here in Belgium, but all of them quite far from where I live.

The nearest one is about 20 kilometers away, and it would be complicated to follow it multiple times per week.

Lucky me, a few weeks ago, a company called Leaps & Rebounds, from the United States, was searching for influencers to review their mini-trampoline. 

Useless to say that when they accepted me, I started jumping around my office with joy!

So not only they shipped their Leaps & Rebounds trampoline, but they also sent it in pink.

Guys, I swear, best fitness Christmas present of the year.

I shoot an unboxing video of my Leaps & Rebounds that you can find on my Youtube channel.

This video is the first one where my puppy Sky appears, and it is also the first video of me reviewing a fitness tool, so I had a lot of fun while doing so.

I have a way larger trampoline in the garden, the classic one where you can jump in two or three people with a safety net and everything, but being able to exercise indoor when outside is like 0°Celsius degrees is something else.

This brand on its website offers a wide choice of colors ( green, red, orange, grey, pink, blue, and purple), and the trampoline comes in two different sizes: 40 and 48 inches.

I got the 48 inches, and I am glad because being reckless when it comes to jumping, I prefer to have more space.

Rebounding is a great way to lose weight while having fun. 

What I do is that I put on Youtube videos of classes, and I follow the lead of the instructor.

I practice without shoes, sometimes with bare feet, sometimes with socks, but the fun is never-ending.

I find it a great way to increase my balance as while you are jumping, you need to keep balancing yourself.

Leaps & Rebounds has a great website, I went to check it after receiving my trampoline, and I saw that they allow you to customize your trampoline through the bungees and the stability bar.

Among the services included with the Leaps & Rebounds products we have:

  • Free Shipping: ships anywhere in the US in 2-6 business days.
  • 30-Day Jump Trial: try it for 30 days: Risk-free return policy.
  • Lifetime warranty for the rebounders and stabilizer bar.

And they have one of the fastest client services I ever tested in my life.

They always answer within the first ten hours of receiving a message, and they send replacement Trampolines (full) if you have an issue with their Rebounder frame.

These guys work really hard for their company, and I am glad I had the chance to collaborate with them.

Thanks to Leaps & Rebounds, I can exercise while having fun and safe at home.

Have yourself a merry little Christmas and get my 10%OFF discount code Barbara10 or click here and let’s connect on my social media to organize some Zoom Leaps & Rebounds group!

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