Haoqin QS2 smart watch test and review.

Among the items that I desperately wanted for Christmas, there was a smartwatch.
As you know, we are currently renovating the whole house so, in the end, the budget went to some home appliances that we needed.
But I guess that because I am a good girl and I behaved, life decided to make me happy.

This week the Haoqin Store shipped me a brand new QS2 Smart Watch from their shop for a collaboration.

The smartwatch arrived in a classy white rigid box, with the company’s name and the model in gold.
Inside, well-protected, there was a lovely smartwatch, with a black clock-face and a sugar paper color, which is between grey and blue, strap made in silicone.

It came with a charger that is a USB cable with a magnetic connection on the other side.
I had to charge the watch before using it, but it reached 100% of the battery in about an hour and a half.

The charge lasts with average use, about three days.

Here I can check my daily steps

The watch is comfortable to wear and lightweight.

It comes with three different interfaces.
And my favorite one is the yellow one because, with one look, I can check calories, steps, battery, time, and heart rate.
When I shake my wrist, the clock face lights up to allow me to check the time.

The app automatically recognized the language of my iPhone and it is in Italian, while on the watch you can chose among several languages, including English and Spanish.

I have been trying the health functions, such as heart rate, pressure, oxygen, and work very well.

Testing the Haoqin QS2 smart watch while training.

Today, in particular, I did a full hour and a half of rebounding with my trampoline from Leaps’n’Rebound.
It is the first time that I have been able to track calories and heart rate precisely.

I tested it first with the counter for the steps, and then in the last forty-five minutes, I switched it to training with the skipping mode.
I recommend using the training mode related to one of the seven sports available.

The stats after a lesson of rebounding

If you want a precise count of the calories and heart rate, you should go for the sport mode.
The watch is connected to its app via Bluetooth, and it took me a few seconds to install it and synchronize it with the smartwatch.

I could also track my sleep patterns, but to be honest, I am not used to sleeping with a watch, so I usually leave it charging on my night-table.

I am happy with this new tech gadget.

The QS2 Smart Watch from Haoqin is a great companion for people like me, working with social media and trying to have an active life without staying attached to the smartphone or the computer.

Plus it reminds me to get up every hour to avoid a sedentary life at my desk.

Another great feature is the shutter: I can use my QS2 to take photos with my phone from remote.

If I want to check how the accounts I manage are doing, I can check the notifications.
I can see which account is receiving messages, likes, or comments.
Same for Whatsapp.

My partner, William, saw it, and I think he is planning on stealing it from me, but no, I love my smart watch too much.
And I am already planning on buying one for him on San Valentines’Day.

The original price of this watch is already very competitive, but because Haoqin is a great brand, they decided to give my readers an exclusive discount of the 20% off.
You can claim your special offer by clicking here and using my code BARBARAFAVAFMX

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