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Femme Luxe March 2021: black leggings VS wide-leg pants. Who will win?

March and April are always months where I always have doubts about what to wear when going out.

Partially because Belgian weather is insane.

You go from freezing in the morning, having the sun in the mid-noon, a hail storm in the afternoon, and rain in the night.

Therefore it does not come as a surprise that you will see me wearing a range of clothing items matching this kind of weather.

Lately, I have been investing more in finding items that could go and be paired up together when it comes to my monthly collaboration with Femme Luxe .

This time I will display how I matched the Black High Waisted Faux Leather Look Leggings – Catriona with the Black Floral Lace Sheer Mesh Cut Out Cupped Strappy Bodysuit – Maura.

It might look a bit risky look as it is very provocative, but with a blazer and good accessories, you will be rocking it.

Black High Waisted Faux Leather Look Leggings – Catriona

The leggings have been on my watch for a year now.

I am plenty of faux leather leggings, but my favorite ones are about to say goodbye after more than seven years of dedicated service.

When I saw these pants, I decided to put them on my shopping list because back then, my size was out of stock.

In the meanwhile, I could not find them anymore on the items available for the Luxe Gals, so for the Femme Luxe bloggers and influencers.

And I eventually gave up.

Until last week, when the Catriona leggings came back unexpectedly.

And who am I to say no to a new pair of black leggings?

So here they are, paired up with the Black Floral Lace Sheer Mesh Cut Out Cupped Strappy Bodysuit – Maura.

Lately, I fell in love with the combo neutral tones with black.

I think it’s a fair mix between keeping my roots of dressing exclusively in black and this new passion for nude tones.

My only minus point for these leggings is that I was expecting them to be high-waisted, but as you can see from the photos, they are very low instead.

I am not sure if it has been a mistake in my PR package or what.

Black Floral Lace Sheer Mesh Cut Out Cupped Strappy Bodysuit – Maura

To be completely honest with you, I never had a body with this sort of cut on the lower part.

The bodysuit is well structured, comes with an under breast wire, and can be regulated to your size with the straps on the back.

It is very comfortable to wear, and the mesh is silky on the body, while the lacy part gives a bit of volume on the upper part.

I ordered a Large with this one, but it wears abundant.

I suggest downsizing of one size.

As I said, it can be regulated, so do not worry too much about it.

This week I matched it with a pair of classic trousers and a jacket, and I absolutely loved the look.

You can check it on my Instagram to see the reel of it and more photos.

White Cable Knit Oversized Wide-Leg Drawstring Loungewear Set – Phoebe

Now, I love knitwear, and I am starting to appreciate bright colors like you may have seen from my latest post.

This set is very classy, the fabric moves accordingly to your body and movements, and it reminds me a bit of those beautiful ballet outfits.

It is a bit see-through because of the color and because of the knitted pattern, so I wear them with white panties, and I am fine.

This loungewear set is different from those I have presented to you in the past because it has wide-leg pants, and the upper part is a sweater.

Both can be styled quite easily.

I would also suggest wearing it with a pair of high heels shoes and golden accessories with a classy hat for a total babe outfit.

My overall experience has been great, as I said on everything that I got, the only thing that did not convince me so much is the leggings because of the low-cut.

But I am utterly in love with the knitted loungewear and the body.

For the next review I would love to try something new…maybe some neon color?

Let me know what do you think about it and if you prefer pants, skirts, or like me if you are in love with sets when it comes to shopping online!

I love sets because you buy one set and then you can switch the components around and building more options.

To shop with Femme Luxe, straight from here, click on any of the photos, highlighted links or just on the banner here on your right!

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