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Saving money and budgeting in 2021: how I renovated my whole house with this system.

Photo by Karolina Grabowska on Pexels.com

This past year and this year are all about investing in making our houses as comfortable as they can be.
With the pandemic, we understood the importance of having a great house, where to spend the lockdown times.
I started building my home office back in April of last year.
I used to have a wooden chair and a simple table but finding myself for so many hours at my desk, made me realize I wanted to make it as comfortable as I could make.

I decided to start with a small corner that was not used by me, but was perfect because it is by the window, and I added some smaller shelves for my devices.
Both fit perfectly. I am just waiting to be able to put a hanging chair in the corner, and the nest is done.
I invested around $28 on simple, and cheap white shelves ordered from Amazon.
I made a budget, and I tried to find most of the items online through the Facebook Market because I believe in upcycling.
So I ended up saving a lot on my project.
I invested about $700 in the first project on my nest.

I invested $100 on a new office chair from IKEA, and I think that it has been the most expensive thing aside from the iMac.
I am still in a good budgeting process, and I’ll keep you updated on the project but saving money it was helped me out in updating the whole house.

Investing in a new mattress was easy if calculated.

Photo by Burst on Pexels.com

For example, two days ago, I bought a brand new mattress from Ikea for about $300.
The one we had was given to us by William’s parents when we arrived in Belgium back at the end of 2019.
During these months we have been able to change the bed, the furniture and it was about time for a new mattress.
We were constantly waking up tired, with backache, and feeling drained because of the lack of rest.

The mattress that I bought now is made in latex and was part of my saving plans for the first months of 2021.
This way, I am fighting two birds with one stone: getting a great mattress and saving money.
It’s a great investment for those who are looking for great quality items at a great price.
What I like about Ikea is that it offers the best quality-price ratio.

I will also buy a mattress topper for about $200, and I will mix it with my new mattress.
I’ll keep you updated because we are still looking for the perfect bedspread.
When it comes to this kind of expense, budgeting the whole family is necessary as well as understanding the savings.

As per the New York Times, 2020 has been the year of spending money on subscription services, new furniture, and much more.
I have never spent so much on my house as in the last six months.

Saving time and money with a Smart Home.

Alexa by Amazon – photo by Anete Lusina on Pexels.com

As you have seen from my past posts here on The Wandering Cloud and on News Break, I have been investing money in a few smart home tools such as the air fryer and the cleaning robot.
I must say that so far, it has been money well-spent.
In this article by JPMorgan, we can check better how families have distributed their incomes.
The money invested towards better housing management and comfort is huge compared to the previous years.
We have been able to buy all of this stuff because William and I decided we wanted to spend our money on the house.
We wanted to have a beautiful, cozy nest that reminds us of the most comfortable hotels we have been in when I just come back from work.
I am happy with all the changes that were made in my nest.
My dream is to have a white home office with white shelves and a pink theme on the wall at the end of my wall for the most comfortable atmosphere.

Unexpected expenses with the kitchen roof.

Photo by ready made on Pexels.com

On the other side, we found out that in the kitchen the roof is damaged.
Therefore we are currently saving and budgeting the renovation with this Family budget planner by Calculator.me that I found online.
Obviously, as we are renting the house, the house expenses are charged to the landowner.
However, we decided to add our taste by updating the old furniture and kitchen appliances with the permission of the owner of the building.
I am happy to have a great office to spend my time in and a comfortable place to sleep.
I am planning on showing you the renovation of the kitchen as soon as we finish.
I will also show you all the small things that I have done around the house to help me feel more comfortable and at home.
So stay tuned for more.

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