Someone on stole my identity to catfish musicians. It’s not me!


The owners of Gemtracks took the issue in their hands and removed the fake profile impersonating me.

I am happy that there are business owner taking care of the authenticity of their services like them.

It is sad when someone steals your identity, and it becomes sadder when they use it to rip off people.
I was googling my name as I do from time to time to find press about me for my press kit when I bumped into, and my name connected to it.
I was not even aware of what Gemtracks is because the only music platform I collaborate with is SubmitHub, and it has always been like that since last year, I never even bothered about finding new ones.
I clicked on the link and a whole profile, with my photo, my username and the astronomical sum of 100 USD per submission welcomed me.
I immediately got in touch with Gemtracks stating that that’s not me (it is not even linked to my email), and to take it down ASAP because it is someone trying to scam artists by using my name and identity.

This goes to all the musicians out there.

This is the ONLY profile you can submit your tracks to me. And it is on SubmitHub.

Please DO NOT SUBMIT TO GEMTRACKS to that profile with my name.
I do not know who is behind it, but for sure it is not me.

I would never ask for 100 dollars to review a track, not even 10 or 5.
Mind that the only way to submit your songs to me, as it is also specified here on my blog, is to do it through Submithub.
Submithub is the only platform I collaborate with when it comes to music.
Do not waste your money elsewhere because your track won’t reach me as it is not me.

I ask all musicians to be careful on this matter.
I discovered this scam when it was already too late.
The profile with my photo and name of course had my real identity because the first thing that googled was my name, so they stole it to have a profile featuring my data.

I am sorry that this happened to me, and I am very concerned about all of you who are trying hard to showcase your songs around the internet.
Stay safe, and if someone tries to contact you offering a platform for a fee, please report it on the appropriate social media account of that platform.

You will not be doing wrong to them but rather reporting them so they can investigate about it and maybe stop other musicians from getting scammed.
There are so many bad people out there, and it is a shame that when my name pops up they use it to their advantage.
I’m sorry for having to announce this horrible news, but I do not want innocent musicians to fall into this scam.

If you are in doubt, reach out for me.

Last but not least, please do not hesitate to get in touch with me on SubmitHub.
I will personally look into your track and take it from there.
Thank you for your time and for reading this post of mine.

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