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No holidays for me this summer: why couldn’t I rest a bit?

As you may have noticed, July has been a month where I have been busy sharing articles on NewsBreak almost every day.
In the last few months, the amount of work required by NewsBreak was making it almost impossible for me to update regularly on here.
I was busy writing two or three articles per day, plus generating all the social media campaigns coming in.

I will write about them in Autumn as are really top products, like the rain poncho from RainKiss made of recycled bottles that you have seen on my Instagram.

One of my articles went viral as well, and I finally earned the Top contributor badge on my page.

So I took August off.

In the meanwhile, we are currently trying to find a new house.
The one where we are living at the moment, and we put a lot of effort to fix and make a home, unfortunately, was rented with severe damages on the roof.
Back then, it wasn’t visible because it wasn’t raining that much, but last winter, the situation went down the drain, and it became a safety matter.
We asked the owner to fix it, but he is not interested in doing so.

So we decided to move out and find a new place.
It goes itself that among the work with my agency, the new house hunting and everything else, I had to postpone my holidays as well.

I planned Disneyland Paris for months, as well as visiting my parents in Prague and Milan.
But I had to change everything, and I am not amused.

Another summer spent moving, just like in 2020.

I have been also training the whole summer with the black belts of the Okinawa Karate School of Herentals, as from September I will start preparing my exam for the green belt and I wanted to keep on training for it.

I will retake updates here from September on folks!

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