Autumn days with Femme Luxe: what to wear in November and how!

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The summer is over, winter weather is starting to wink at me from not so far away, and the chilly sun feeling on my skin feels better than ever this 2021.

It’s time for cozy outfits, and enjoy some hot coffee cups while shopping on Femme Luxe.
I know you’re thinking the same thing: it’s time for me to put my closet on cruise control.

This time I received three items, but you want to be sure they don’t sell out before you get your hands on them.
I also went to check on the website, and there are brand new items in these categories:

Women’s loungewear sets 

Little black dress 
White midi dress 

Ripped jeans for women 

There’s plenty more where these came from, so don’t worry!

Here are all the styles I picked out for November with links so that you will be able to shop by clicking on the highlighted names.
I ordered a PU Leather skirt, a red loungewear tracksuit, and a black hooded mini-dress.
Let’s review together each one of those items.

Red With White Stripe Lounge Wear Set – Lexi

I can’t recall when or if I ever had a red loungewear tracksuit, but from now on, I do!

This set is incredible!

The colors are so bright and vivid that it’s a pure statement outfit.

I paired it up with some red sparkling glittered Puma’sneakers, and I am ready to go. 

It is very comfortable.

Though the material is light for the season, as it’s more like a pair of leggings and a long-sleeved shirt, I find it great to lounge at home or wear it with a coat on top of it for a Sunday walk. 

The hoodie has a crop cut, and the pants are high-waisted.

In the photos I was wearing a teeshirt under it to cover me a bit more because I just got (almost because I am still coughing a bit, but it’s not COVID thanks God), out of a cold and it was a bit chilly in the forest.

Honestly, all of the loungewear items I got from Femme Luxe have always been very comfortable to wear.

And plus Femme Luxe loungewear makes me feel pretty even when I am not in the mood for dresses or more complex outfits. 

Black Oversized Long Sleeve Front Pocket Drawstring Mini Hoodie Dress – Karlee

This mini hoodie dress is multifunctional, girls!

It’s made in a light material, so you will be able to match it with a sweater, leggings, fishnet stockings, and much more!

It is also a very decent length, so don’t worry about your height: this dress will cover you on the right spots through this winter 2021/2022!

I personally wanted to see how it looks on its own and with leggings as I was about to go and take care of my daily business.

I like the idea of the large hood as well.

It reminds me a little bit of the glam looks of the Pussycat Doll Nicole Scherzinger in the video Don’t Cha.

The bottom part of the mini dress is stringed, so you can decide if let it lose or fix it tighter to your legs with the string. 

I paired it with some shiny black leggings, a pair of high-knee combat boots with a platform sole, and the rock-chic look is flawless.

White PU D-Ring Frill Pleated Mini Skirt – Gina

If I have to be 100% honest with you, this mini skirt was a last-minute choice.

I was not really sure about it because I was worried about my Latina bottom taking over.

And not fitting in the PU mini skirt

Surprisingly, not only does it fit perfectly, because yes, it’s PU leather, but it’s very stretchy (say what!!!!), but also it’s the perfect length!

I was so scared of not being able to wear it because that’s my main problem with miniskirts, they are always too mini and don’t cover me enough, but this one does!

I cheered when I tried it in front of my mirror!

Plus the skirt comes with a cute belt, so you can decide if wear the belt on the skirt, or pair it up with a nice open sweater and cowboy boots to reach that boho-western style I am in love with!

This was my haul for the first days of November, and I am so looking forward to seeing the new collection on Femme Luxe!

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