Amazon: two desk lamps you need to buy right now.

As I am starting to spend more time at my desk because finally we are done with moving in, I felt it was time for shopping.
I wanted to update you a bit on the tech gadgets in my home office.
I sat down and started thinking about what could help me my daily job less heavy for my sight.
So I adventured myself on Amazon UK and decided to go for a desk lamp, this time with multiple functions and something to support me with blue lights because they cause me migraines.
Among the brands, the one that had both products I was interested in was Momax.
I have to be honest with you: I didn’t know this brand before.
But they have pretty good reviews, so I went for it.
I ordered a light bar for the screen and a desk lamp that I could use to take photos for close-ups.

Monitor Lamp

I appreciate the contained use of plastic in the packaging. It speaks highly of the company.
In a world where every screw is in a single-use plastic bag, this company uses mainly paper and cardboard while keeping the items safe, which is a relief.
I love the fact that it is a “ready to go” gadget.
Because it is limited to the USB cable and the bar, making it easier to carry it around when traveling.
What I think should be taken care of is the fact that on Macs, both iMac and Mac Book (Air in my case), it partially covers the inbuilt camera, so when I open the camera, I have a black stripe instead of being able to see the full image.
I use an external HD camera with 1080P and autofocus for my office that fits perfectly on the monitor and top of the bar.
Luckily I won’t have to take on and off the bar.
I find it quite aesthetic, it blends well with the upper part of the monitor, and it’s not heavy nor too thick.
I like the touch buttons as it is pleasant to turn them on and off and change the mode with a light touch instead of pressing a standard button.
Good choice with the intensity wheel: it gives a good sensation of modulating the light at the user preference.

So far it’s doing a good job with avoiding me eye drops every night.

Momax Desk Lamp

First of all, I was surprised by how compact this desk lamp is when dismounted.
I got this box, long and rectangular, and when I opened it, it took me a couple of seconds to realize that this could fit in my backpack if I wanted to.
You put it together with one screw on the bottom, and that’s it.
The lamp it’s sturdy and stable, my cats went to rub themselves against it, but the lamp resisted on my table.
I wanted to have a lamp that could help me when I needed a LED light to take photos on my desk.
This lamp did not disappoint my expectations: I can modulate it from cold to warm light and with different intensities by sliding my fingers on the base of the lamp.

The USB charging port works well, I have an iPhone 7 so it has to be plugged in to charge and it charged well the battery. I tried also the upper charger with the phone of my husband, and it worked well.
It immediately caught the phone and started charging.
When I don’t need it, the “arm” can be folded, and the space occupied is minimal.

To work, you need to plug it into the electric socket.
I wish it could have been USB-based, but you can’t have it all, and overall, I am happy with what I bought.

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