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Mike Varshavski: from Brooklyn and being bullied to becoming the sexiest doctor alive.


Tv series are plenty of handsome actors playing the role of doctors, paramedics, and nurses.

But when the person in front of the camera is a real-life doctor, that is different.

The Russian-born Doctor Mike Varshavski is an experienced family medicine physician.


And he is also a social media phenomenon that rose to fame through his Youtube videos about health.

A rough start.


Born in November 1989 in Saransk, Russia, he and his family emigrated to Brooklyn when he was five years old.

His father is a physician, a graduate of the Third Medical Institute of Moscow, and his mother was a mathematics professor.

They had a rough start in the United States.

Because of the language barrier, his father had to attend medical school for the second time.

His mother had to work as an employee in cleaning services.

Doctor Mike, as he is known on social media, remembers how hard it was for him.

He was bullied for not being able to talk in English.

He joined Instagram in early 2012 to provide a testimony of the life of a medical student.

Back then, the New York-based Mike was far from knowing that he would have become an influencer in the medical niche.

He went viral thanks to his love for dogs.


In August 2015, he became known to the public thanks to an article posted by Buzzfeed about Mike and his dog, a Husky called Roxy.

The article was titled Um, You Really Need To See This Hot Doctor And His Dog.

It focused on the beautiful relationship between the doctor and Roxy, his husky, and also on the passion Mike has for dogs in general.


Recently, Mike has added a new member to his pack and welcomed the 3-year-old Newfoundland called Bear.


With almost 7.3 million subscribers on Youtube and 4.1 million on Instagram, Doctor Mike makes an easy and understandable approach to medicine for his followers.

His videos are free of scientific mumbo jumbo and packed with plenty of humor.

His Youtube was created in 2016 but has already amassed more than 900.825.000 views.

It is probably thanks to the quality of his videos, which are not only for entertainment.

But also for educational purposes, containing information on public health issues such as COVID-19, nutrition, mental health, and suggestions for healthy routines.

Among his most appreciated series on the channel, there are Doctor’s Stories.

In this series, you will have a sincere laugh while listening to his experiences on the medical path.

He also does a series called “Ask Doctor Mike”: he gives advice to his followers about how to deal with difficult situations in everyday life.

Saving a man on a plane.


He is considered a trusted source and has saved lives at the Chatham Family Medicine in New Jersey, where he currently works but also on the road.

Or better, on the flight.

In 2019, Mike Varshavski was on a plane headed to Tel-Aviv when a passenger had a life-threatening allergic reaction.


Doctor Mike immediately raised his hand when one of the flight assistants asked over the intercom:

Is there a medical professional onboard?

The doctor found a vial of epinephrine in the medical kit, adjusted the dose, and then injected the passenger.

His professionalism allowed the passenger to arrive safely at his destination.

He recalls the episodes:

He screamed from the pain of the injection, but his throat right away started opening up.

The Sexiest Doctor Alive for People magazine.


So doctor Mike is a doctor, is funny, loves pets, and is clever.

But he was also featured in the People magazine 2015 issue of The Sexiest Doctor Alive.

And we could not agree more.

He reached that level of recognition thanks to his Youtube videos and his enjoyable remarks about health.

Mike does not ride in the limelight, as he often shares what happened in the hospital with the people who have helped him out.


He has also made it clear that he considers himself just a regular guy, despite all the attention and recognition he receives.

At the moment, he is considered the number one medical and health influencer.

His videos focus on facts that are easily understandable by the public.

They have a positive impact on his fans’ habits in terms of health.

His approach to the topic is different.

He does not want to make people feel guilty about their lifestyle choices but motivates them to make changes.

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