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Universal Pictures Belgium invited me to attend the avant-premiere of De Bad Guys!

Universal Pictures Belgium invited me to the avant premiere of the new movie De Bad Guys.
De Bad Guys are coming after you!

Sunday Funday!
Finally, here in Belgium, we are done with wearing masks, and events are back in the game.
I couldn’t miss the opportunity of attending the avant-premiere of the incredibly well-made cartoon movie The Bad Guys.
In Belgium, the title has been translated as De Bad Guys!

Dreamworks, a master in cartoons.

Dreamworks, already the mom of iconic cartoons like Shrek, Kungfu Panda, the lucky series Madagascar, and a leader in the field since 1998, made it again.
This brand new cartoon was inspired by the books of Aaron Babley, where, and I quote the motto of the movie: “Good is no fun at all.”.

Universal Pictures invited us.

Universal Pictures Belgium is the movie’s distributor here in Belgium, and they invited William and me to attend the event.
Aside from the happiness of being able to go back to the movie theatres after such a long time, the movie is really something else.
Honestly, I was not expecting the movie to be this fun.

Fun for everyone.

It has that kind of “Who framed Roger Rabbit” from 1988 humor mixed with Shrek, that keeps entertained both adults and kids.
The Bad Guys tells the story of five furry friends, being all part of the same criminal gang.
They will take us on a crazy ride through many police chases in a very likely Californian city, moments of true friendship, love, and much more.

If you loved any other movie from Dreamworks, you should absolutely watch this one as well.
Coming out in all Belgian theatres tomorrow, the 23rd of March, let me know if you go and what your thoughts are!

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