Christmas 2022: video games to learn about saving money while having fun!

Christmas is coming up, and we will have a bit of relaxation with our families, and friends, or even on our own.

As we approach these Holidays, we will have a few days to play games and, to me, it’s videogame time.

During the years, I have told you a few times how much I like playing video games.

This is a life-long passion that started in the ’80s with my Sega Master System II and then with my first Nintendo.

Nintendo Switch or Nintendo Lite?

Right now, I am torn between the Nintendo Switch and the Nintendo Switch Lite. 

The difference is just about the fact that the Lite edition can be played only handheld.

While it’s a bigger “brother”, it can be played as a portable console or attached to the tv like a regular console.

I am also waiting for a good sale on Amazon for it.

Why pay more if you can pay less?

Just in case, for those newly arrived, my favorite character is Yoshi.

I have been checking the insights of my website, and I have seen how many people are into saving money.

I wanted, with this article, to give them a small treat by letting them know about my newest discovery: a whole video game section about money games.

Real estate, office, food business…you name it, they have it.

Learn how to give cash back and be a cashier.

One of the most challenging games for me it’s Cash Back.

In this game, you have to calculate the cashback that you have to give to your virtual clients.

I swear this has been my nightmare forever.

As I am dyscalculic and so I have issues with math, the moment of getting my cashback from the cashier is always an “oh no” moment.

With this game, I am slowly getting better. 

Be careful: you have a clock ticking and be sure not to run out of time!

LEGO City Adventures: build a city with Lego!

My second favorite game of those is LEGO City Adventures Build And Protect.

I love watching LEGO movies, I am planning to go to Legoland in Germany with my husband in 2023, and in general, I love LEGO since I was a DUPLO age.

On this note, if someone has any advice and tips about Legoland in Germany, I would love to hear from you.

In this game, you help Mayor Solomon Fleck build a LEGO city using various buildings.

video game Lego showing a LEGO city being built
On my way of becoming a leader of real estate in LEGO City.

Those buildings earn tax revenues that can be spent to help build out the rest of your city.

But with the LEGO touch added to the mix.

Which makes this game an absolute love-at-first-sight for everyone, kids and adults.

Tutoring and video games: does it work?

As a tutor myself, I love giving exercises made as video games. 

People tend to exercise more and are more engaged, and I get better results from them.

So I apply the same thing to myself with math.

Now that I will have a few days off, I will enjoy some matches on this website.

Nothing better than keeping your brain fit while having fun and having a cup of coffee!

Let me know your thoughts if you have tried any of these games, how it went and how is going!

We could organize a virtual championship and see who scores more points!


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