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The Nacion Sushi, the clear example of a successful franchise.

Me wearing an original indonesian batik outfit I bought during my last trip there.

Recently opened in the busy Insurgentes Sur avenue in Mexico City, the Nacion Sushi cheerful welcomes you to its colorful ambient divided by asiatic Countries as much as it’s divided its menu.

I’ve been there twice, once for a dinner with my best friend Brenda and the other one on a quick lunch before heading back to work. 

Airy, dinamic and friendly, I immediately noticed the young staff and their will to work and attend you the best way they can and the kids area with tablets to entertain children while parents can have a peaceful time.

They branded the new Restaurant exactly the way the others Nacion Sushi around the world are branded and I can tell they didn’t hold their money in decoration which is a plus in case of influencers like me, and they also have a working area with tablets for adults to keep on working while you’re eating. 

Workaholics like me are going to enjoy a lot this.

They have restaurants in Panama, Mexico, Costa Rica, Colombia, Spain, Guatemala, Paraguay, Dominican Republic and United States.

So yes, Sushi does unite the people and nations.

The Thai Lounge

The food is good and it’s honest, not like in most of asiatic food chains where they serve you a ball of rice and a micro point of proteins. I highly recommend to order and share the food because it’s enough for everybody to try and taste it.

The Sashimi Mixto from the Nacion Sushi

That’s another point in my food blogger heart because nothing better than being served your favorite food and it’s abundant. And as I always say, share is care. So share your food with your friends and family and enjoy it.

The Edamame Thai (they are spicy but not too much)

The drinks also are really good, ask your waiter for an advice and they’ll sort out the best juice for you, I tried those honey based and were delicious. Especially the one with pineapple, lemon and coconut.

Good thing, they use paper straws. No plastic here and glad to see how the Nacion Sushi is conscious about the environment. 

One of the desserts. These are sweet Wontons.

Bu you can count on a large menu of drinks, from coffees, beers (nationals and internationals including the famous Sapporo and then the Kirin Ichiban and Asahi), wines and hard alcohol drinks.

They also have some really tasty infusions with Jamaica`s flowers and fruits for those who love hot tea.

Few pictures from the bathroom. Told you, here each corner is instagrammable.
I am not in Tokyo. I am in the bathroom and this is the ceiling.

I recommend this place for large groups, quick lunches or dinners and families as it is plenty of space .

If you wanna see more or reserve at the Nacion sushi, though they accept walk ins, here you have their Instagram.

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