Modern Dreamer by Nyx Cosmetics, and you are going to love it!

Few days ago I received a nice, pink, bubble-wrapped package with a big NYX Professional Cosmetics sticker on top.

And already, measuring it with my sight, I knew it was my new make up wish.

YAY! I got it!

Nyx Cosmetics Professional Mexico sent me the new palette Modern Dreamer to test it.

I opened it and I started to scanner each single one of the 40 colors, the range goes from matte, to metal, to shimmering, to warm, neutrals to cold…guess you have this palette, you have everything you need with eyeshadows.

Me scannering the Modern Dreamer.

BUM! We all know make up is never enough but in any case, the Modern Dreamer helps a lot to have a complete make up bag.

Today I had an event with Garnier and UNICEF so I decided to do a quick make up and use this palette, choosing to use blue range of colors as blue is UNICEF color.

The look I created with Modern Dreamer plus Bare with Me #4 (NYX) as base and primer. Lipstick is one of the new L`Oreal Les Macarons.

And now, several hours later, though I did not put any eyeshadow primer, the eyeshadow is still there.

I will put a close up of the palette here

As always, NYX is a cruelty free brand, so feel free to be beautiful and dare with colors knowing you are using something that was not tested on animals.

My vote up to now is a 10. I can finally stop carrying around during long travels 4/5 smaller palettes and just packing this one, knowing I will have all the colors I need for every look.

If you wanna know more, visit NYX Cosmetics Mexico here

And here you can go and read about the Bare with Me review I made few weeks ago

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