Sweat! Baby, Sweat! The new bi-O 96 hours deodorant by Garnier.

I swear I tested it for real. Sweating. A LOT.

If a brand invites you at 10 in the morning, to go and test a new deodorant, with your best friend, the possible reactions are two: you start laughing and then you accept or you just laugh thinking of a joke from the PR department from the brand itself.

I took the first reaction.

But I was there at the LOAD cycling room the next morning, ready to cycle.

Basically Garnier asked us to attend a full hour class of cycling (that is like the hell version of going on a bike, add crazy fast up and down cycling, electronic music and weights.), where after twenty minutes I was starting asking myself if the Sporty Spice in me was definitely left in the early 2000 or what.

You can have a better picture of our performance by thinking of the famous scene of “I feel pretty” starring Amy Schumer, and I am talking about this one right here:

That was my facial expression while cycling and thinking that this is absolutely not my style of gym. Thanks God I did not slip off like Amy in the movie.

In any case, we did our best and must say that at the end of the class, we were still smelling nice and clean, like two ladies should smell.

Garnier and the bi-O`s team made it once again, they created a 96 hours lasting, clinical deodorant in three different presentations (my favourite one is the roll on one), spray, roll on and in bar, able to make you smell good, not clogging your pores and dry fast.

Yeah, I arrived home and I also received the full collection of the L`Oreal Les Macarons lipsticks but that is another story I will tell you another time. The cat was not included in the bags. She is Gizmo a.k.a. Minimini and she was adopted by us.

Good Food and Garnier also thought about our healthy living by preparing a really nice brunch after the cycling session, with green juices, avocados toast and some peanuts butter with red fruits toasts, that were absolutely delicious.

So, I survived to the cycling lesson and the bi-O passed the test as for my opinion.

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