Master your Voice with Ramsey Voice Studio, the vocal coach and classes fitting your lifestyle.

Me on stage minutes before starting the Xpilots by Monster Energy show last 24 of August 2019 in Tijuana Mexico in front of more than 35.000 people in the Estadio Caliente

Traveling constantly the world because of you working with your voice as I do, and not being able to follow a proper vocal coaching course is tiring. A LOT. As you know I am a pro host for extreme sports and I am currently the voice of brands such as Monster Energy, MXGP and many more.

I have been touring since I was 19, I have recorded one Album and one single (with the dance division of Warner music), and believe me, I tried endlessy times to enroll for a singing class or something that could help me in toning my voice and getting better on my work.

Results? Nothing. My only hope was an online coach that could literally follow me wheverer I am, Asia, Europe, Americas, and teach me and train me.

Until I bumped into the Ramsey Voice Studio and its Master Your Voice, which is a professional course to expand your vocal range and improve your voice.

So I decided to give it a try and WOW! The web page is super easy to understand, is really a FULL course, you can decide whenever you want to do your lesson and finally I am able to keep on performing worldwide and study at the same time.

This is how it appears on your screen so it is really easy to understand.

Matt is a great coach, I can catch up with him everyday, through mail, messages and he is really friendly so for people who might be shy, it is a great option also to not to have to assist to singing classes where are other people.

In my case the problem is that my performances are usually in stadiums, where I have to run for 7.5 up to 8 km for 2,5/3 hours of live motorsports shows, and it is easy to crack the voice.

Another one from my last show in Xpilots Tijuana 2019

Also my voice is the lowest range of the female`s vocal ranges, called “contralto” (Annie Lennox, Cher, Amy Winehouse tones) so I was desperately in need to learn how to reach higher pitches without sounding like a dying chicken and this course has the explanation from A to Z on how to do it and everything comes with exercises.

I am a workaholic and I admit it because I LOVE my job. I have been messing around with microphones since I was three years old so actually the chance of being able to study while being in my hotel room, or warm up in the backstage just with my laptop or phone and headphones is totally amazing.

You know I post only about products and experiences that deserve a 5 stars with me on my reviews and YES, this course has them all.

Study from wherever you are and whenever you want.

You have my word you are going to enjoy it as much as I am doing, and imagine how cool and dedicated to his students is Matt to having to deal with my timetable and keeping up with it.

I mean, he is the man behind my vocal training, and I work with the top companies in motorsport shows.

Check it out and thank me later:

Master Your Voice with Online Singing Lessons from Ramsey Voice Studio.

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