Dealspotr, where you can find deals, reviews, and a lot of brands to work with as an influencer (and get paid for).

Usually influencers are unlikely to share their “cake”, as known as the places where they are able to catch campaigns but hey, life is too good to be greedy.

So, several months ago I was invited by a dear friend of mine to try this influencers’ community and so I did.

Registered myself, connected my social networks and got “evaluated” on a really easy system of points, which will define my payments for each campaign.

You have different prices from your blog, to facebook to instagram and you just have a marketplace for influencers where to go and scroll between the thousands of offers from brands.

It is really, but really easy to understand and use and you get paid through Paypal which is my preferred way to get paid (with Payooner but I will give you an hint about it in another post), and just like this, it is almost impossible that you won’t get a job through Dealspotr.

At the moment I completed over six campaigns with them, without considering all the others with products on their way, and those that I need to complete.

I have been able to collaborate with brands from every place, from Asia, to USA, to Europe and every time has been a pleasant experience.

How does it work?

Well, some brands send over products for you to review, other do the same plus offer cash compensation, others offer only the economical compensantion without the product.

You get a message board where you can chat with people from the brand and organize the job with them.

Then you also have a board where you can check how your campaign is going: accepted, refused, sample on its way and so on.

So it is pretty easy to use.

There is also a part with Coupons and deals but it is not why I subscribed to this websiste, in any case, with those points, from validating the offers, you get Amazon’s Gift cards.

I leave you here a link where you can go straight to Dealspotr and start making money right away:

Have fun and tell me how it is going for you!


    • I saw the original comment because I got it in my mail 🙂 you’re welcome. Blogging has so many niches and there are so many companies out there that it would be stupid not to share it with someone with the same passion. By the way, at least in my circle is very common to pass along tips and emails for PR to make the wheel spin for everybody. Thank you for passing me and have fun!


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