ShowMB, the growing influencers platform with paid offers.

My profile as it appears to me on ShowMB.

Few months ago, I was sitting at the Starbucks that was few blocks away from my house in Mexico City, drinking a coffee while searching new platforms to share my job and receive new proposals.

I stumbled on the young and vibrating ShowMB, a easy to use influencers platform with a decent ammount of paid offers coming from different parts of the World and divided by locations.

I subscribed to the mexican division of the website and I filled my profile by linking my social networks to it to allow the influencers platform to calculate my insights.

Then I went on the marketplace of it and started checking the various offers, and tried with a couple of them to see how it was working.

The applying part is really easy, you read the brief of the campaign and then you sign a kind of “virtual contract” and can start to work right away on it.

The payments are fixed prices offered by the companies so maybe some are not going to be super high paid, but are really short jobs, easy to work on (my average is about half an hour per campaign), and paid through Paypal every 15 days, so fast campaigns and fast money too.

This influencers platform , which company is based in Spain, is available in quite a nice amount of Countries so now that I moved back to Europe, I will be able to keep on using it by applying to the campaigns posted by the companies here, and another plus point, it is automatically translated in the language of the Country you are in, so it means that everybody have a chance with it.

So now you know, if you wanna join a nice and honest influencers platform, who I already tested that yes, it does pay you on time, check out Show MB.

Click here if you wanna join right away Show MB and start working on your own campaigns and earn money!

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