Belgium on lockdown due to the coronavirus from today until the 3rd of April.

From today, Belgium is officially on lockdown, just like Italy, even though not with the same strictness.

From midnight on, from Friday the 13th of March until the 3rd of April, cafes, discos, theaters, restaurants will have to close their doors.

As a blogger, I think it is part of my responsibility to contribute and help by sharing the information and motivating people to follow what we are asked to do.
I have my family in Milan, Italy, and they arrived at the point that they are not allowed to leave their houses as well as all the rest of the Italians, and there are hundreds of new cases of coronavirus every single day, and over 800 people have died from it.

So please, do follow the rules, it can happen to all of us.

If you have the chance to do smart-work from home, do it. I am doing it since I came back from Italy because I am well aware that it is important to minimize the contact with other people in this case.

The emergency measures have been taken hoping to contain the outbreak of the coronavirus.
Last night, after a long meeting, the Belgian National Security Council has decided to declare a state of emergency all over Belgium.

Though the measures are a little bit softer than those taken by the Italians, Wilmes said that “cooperation and coordination are the keys to success”.

Schools are going to be close as from Monday, leaving the chance of daycare for those families left with no other chances due to their work, while kindergarten will keep their doors open.

The hashtag #Stayhomebelgium is beginning to trend all over the Country to motivate people in following the directions given by the Council.
Supermarkets and pharmacies will stay open as normal, while the other shops will be closed during the weekends.

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