Femme Luxe Finery spring 2020 haul and review!

Though with this coronavirus thing we are all pretty much bounded to our cities and houses, spring is slowly approaching, giving us the hope of a fresh new start after this long and incredibly wild winter.

And as my loves at Femme Luxe never stop, they have been working hard to select the new items, bringing a wide range of outfits with a very lovely and colorful mood.

Last time we were talking about this brand, I went for the whole black shipping with four pair of pants, and I was blogging about the Milano Fashion Week.

This time I felt the gentle breeze of March and I ordered four new items.

And I decided to go crazy with the length of the dresses: they are all mini-dresses.

I went for two pink outfits, one sage (it is like a mint green) top, and one denim mini-dress.

If there is one thing that I appreciate about Femme Luxe, it is their ability to making garments that will shape your figure. 

I have received tens of messages regarding the “liquid leggings” I posted here, and most were from women telling me how they loved them, but they were not “brave” enough.

So as I feel part of the whole curvy movement, I felt super excited to be able to order another PU leather vinyl item from Femme Luxe, being able to push more followers dressing as they love.

At first, I was like wearing something made out of vinyl was quite a hazardous choice, but then I got used to them.

I wear them with sneakers and a sweater to go to the grocery market.

And as for the bubble / puff sleeves…well, I like them. A lot.

They are bold and a statement and for sure, you won’t go unnoticed wearing them.

The denim dress was something I was planning to buy for a while now, and being a blogger for Femme Luxe just made my wish come true.

Pink PU Bodycon Mini Dress – Kylie

This dress is part of my compulsive shopping.
I saw it and I just thought: “I want this!”.

Not even if I need it, or if I will be able to wear it a lot, I just wanted it, because it is sexy, it is fun to wear, and it’s incredibly pink.
Bubble gum pink I would say.
The dress feels smooth to the touch, on the skin and it is easy to wear.

Some people may think that this kind of fabric is tricky when it comes to garments, but Femme Luxe knows how to make clothes made of vinyl without sacrificing comfort.

The only “sad” little thing is that being 1,73cm tall without heels, makes this pink PU dress considerably short for me.

I used it at home to shoot a campaign for a beauty product but if I would like to wear it outside, I will need to put something under it.

Blue Belted Pocket Detail Denim Mini Dress – Tehani

I had denim dresses before, but I never had one with long sleeves and so many pockets.

Yes, the Tehani dress has not two, not four but six pockets and above everything, they are real pockets!

I am saying this as most of the time, women’s clothes are provided with fake pockets and it is not what you would expect from a denim piece.

The color is blue-washed denim, with brown buttons, a long denim belt, and balloon sleeves.
It is a mini-dress but I will wear it during the day, probably with a pair of vaqueros / cowboy boots.

Sage Mesh Floral Sleeve Ribbed Top – Matilda

The Sage Mesh top is another hit, Femme Luxe has presented it in multiple colors and I couldn’t be happier about that.

I choose this light green/pastel color because I don’t have anything like that in my closet, and I felt it could be a great match with the black pants I got last month.

The puff sleeves are made of floral mesh, as suggested by the name, but the body part is made in a soft and elastic ribbed top.

Indeed it is very elastic, I ordered a size 12 as always but I feel that I could have ordered a size 10 and still I would easily fit it.

Pink Ribbed Floral Mesh Bodycon Mini Dress – Saoirse

The pink ribbed floral mesh bodycon mini-dress is the same concept as the sage top, just in an adorable dress with an above-the-knee length.

If you search for this exact name on the website, you will find only this color.
If you want to have the same dress, in different options, type in Kellen and you will have a white one, a black one, a baby pink one and a sage one.

This one, it is a Barbie-style pink; just as the sage top, I loved the softness of the fabric and the glorious sleeves and it is my favorite together with the denim dress.

What do you think? Do you prefer a romantic denim dress, a vinyl sexy one or a super glam pink dress?

Let me know in the comments below!


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