My #Shelfie with Michael Todd Beauty, the brand that changed my skincare routine for good.

My #Shelfie

Michael Todd Beauty and I, have been partners in beauty/skincare collaborations for a few months now.

I have got in touch with them, at the end of last year, because they were about to launch a campaign for influencers based on body positivity and I accepted the collaboration as I post and blog a lot about it.

I already knew the brand from the buzz that this brand can create and from all the articles on top magazines such as Cosmopolitan.

Being a beauty brand in line with my own beliefs, from being cruelty-free to avoiding the unnecessary use of disposable batteries (they work mainly with USB chargers), one campaign followed another, and here we are at the third one

This time, I was asked to show my bathroom shelf, through a #Shelfie, where I have my beauty tools and skincare products for daily use.

So here you have my glorious #shelfie, composed of the Sonic Refresher, the SonicEraser Pro, the Soniclear Petite, my favorite toner which is also from Michael Todd Beauty, my cleanser from Garnier made out of sakura flowers and bought in Indonesia, and the Silver Chitosan blue clay mask from 47Skin.

from left bottom to right, Soniclear Petite, SonicEraser Pro, Sonic Refresher and the MTB toner

As you already know, my skin has gone through a wild race among last year and this one, due to an outbreak of acne rosacea that started in July 2019 in Indonesia and that is slowly calming down after months and months of daily skincare.

It was so bad at one point that my face was constantly red, and the feeling of having burning skin was never leaving me alone, not even during the night.

The first tool I received was the Soniclear Petite, a USB charged beauty device, with an antimicrobial brush and three different speeds, and it has helped me a lot in taming the rosacea.

I use it two to three times per week together with cleansing foam and my skin is always super soft whenever I finish with it.
It is a relief doing my skincare with this tool, and it has already traveled with me to London and Milan in the last two months.

The second one was the SonicEraser Pro, which is also my
It is a wand, made to help your skin to absorb faster serums and creams, and not only makes 600 sonic movements per second, having a thermal, sonic and ionic delivery of the treatments.

The last one is the Sonic Refresher which is the World’s First Wet/Dry Sonic Microdermabrasion system for home use.
I was shocked by the quantity of dead skin that this tool took off the first time that I used it.

I literally could see my “old” skin being in a darker color and the new one where I just passed the Sonic Refresher, being brighter and cleaner.
It has also a mist system incorporated which is a lovely last step of the whole procedure.

Though it is not painful to use this tool if you use it to remove blackheads, it can cause a little bit of redness if you have sensitive skin like mine.
But I am doing this procedure once a week and my skin is glowing so much that a little bit of redness is worth it.

Here you can find all my favorites from Michael Todd Beauty just by clicking on this sentence and going to my Amazon Frontstore as Amazon Official Influencer.

I can state without any problems, that if you own these three skincare tools, you can save yourself hundreds of euro to the beauty center, and you can practice a little bit of self-care at home regardless the time you have.

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