Belgium extends lockdown until the 19th of April.

Last night Belgium entered into a new extension of the prior lockdown due to the coronavirus, which was supposed to end on the 5th of April.

Prime Minister Sophie Wilmès announced on the press conference that the safety measures will be extended for two more weeks.

The situation will be evaluated while being monitored constantly to decide at the end of the two weeks of extension if there will be a possibility to add another two weeks to the lockdown, pushing the end it to the 3rd of May.

Everybody has to stay at home as much as possible, reducing the movements to groceries shopping, pharmacy shopping, and work if smart working isn’t a solution.

As for physical activity, it is allowed, and people can leave their houses for the duration of their training and then have to go back home immediately after. Gathering in parks is not allowed and it is not allowed to go to the seaside.

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