Stay Home outfits with Femme Luxe.

Yeah, definitely. Especially during these times.

If there is something that we learned during this quarantine is that joggers are everybody’s best friends.

We all left behind dresses, pants, skirts, to dive straight in the comfortable world of sweatpants and joggers.

I have quite a collection myself, mainly because I work from home so I can afford to wear cozy clothing while writing my blog or editing photos.

In the vastity of the Femme Luxe’s world, clothing goes from super sexy mini dresses to utility cargo pants and jackets to joggers and comfortable tees and sweaters.

I thought that this time around, it was a good moment to share, four different outfits, composed by the new pink high waisted joggers Lizzie, with four tops.

I decided to order, through the collaboration that I have since last year with the English brand Femme Luxe, a bodysuit, a tee-shirt, a ribbed top, and a cropped sweater.
But let’s start from the main protagonist of our outfits, the Lizzie’s joggers.

Light Pink Cuffed Joggers – Lizzie

I saw those joggers on the Femme Luxe website, and I knew that they were going to be my choice number one in this haul.

The package arrived this morning, and they popped out from the bag, in all of their majestic fluffiness.

The first things I noticed about these pants are the softness of the fabric and the handcuffed waist.

And of course, the pockets!
I wasn’t expecting at all for them to have pockets, as the majority of sweater pants, don’t have any, but yes, these Lizzie’s joggers have two great pockets.

If you check on the website, you can see that they come in a lot of different colors, so I am pretty sure that each soul will find their favorite Lizzies.

Pink Metallic Mesh Panel Strappy Corset Bodysuit – Jessica

These bodysuits are a major yes for me.
They are inspired by the lacey bodysuits trend but still, they look like less of a lingerie piece and more like a shiny, metallic top.

There are three colors to choose from on Femme Luxe, black, nude and pink and I went for the pink one as I already have enough black bodysuits in my closet.

The mesh used to produce these bodies is soft and gentle to the touch, which is important considering it as lingerie.

The straps can be regulated, adapting this piece to every kind of body, and making it a perfect gift as well.
A silver lining decorates this bodysuit, and the cups are non-see through.

It’s a piece that can’t be missed in a closet and a suitcase, no matter where you are planning to go.

Black Roll Neck Cropped Knitted Jumper – Alva

Long sleeves, wide turtle neck and soft fabric? YES!

It is a crop top, so don’t expect it to cover your belly, but it is absolutely a win-win with these joggers as they are high-waist.

It is not extremely warm so feel free to order jumper for spring and get ready to use it also in autumn and probably also in winter.

In these days I am using it very often as it is very comfortable.

Black ‘Champagne Is Always The Answer’ Slogan T-Shirt – Mabel

I decided that this tee is going to be the slogan of my quarantine.

Above my will to break free like Princess Elsa from Frozen and let it go, I am positively surprised by this item.

Femme Luxe has quite a selection of nice tees, and this is one of them.

I thought it would have been some cotton material, instead is a very soft and well made t-shirt, which makes it a great companion for any casual-classy outfit paired with a blazer and a pair of jeans.

Black Mesh Leaf Detail Ribbed Fitted Top – Lucy

After my last order, with the ribbed top, and the ribbed dress, I developed a sort of thing for ribbed clothes.

I was missing a black one, so here I am, wearing this beautiful ribbed top called Lucy, decorated with black leaves on the sleeves made of mesh.

I find it flattering, and I will use it for sure with the black liquid leggings that I received back in february from Femme Luxe.

So, Femme Luxe manages to dress us from our parties to our most intimate moments at home, and I couldn’t be happier to have so many lovely items from them.

I am organizing myself for a mega haul on Youtube dedicated to the brand and I will start filming it in these days for you to see how they fit even better.

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