Nya Crea, the Italian music diva and her new single.

Nya Crea is the definition of a red, excellent Italian wine, condensed in a small bottle.

With her curly redhead, the 1,57 tall singer-songwriter, based in London, is one of those singers able to give you chills for her vocal range.

The young but fierce and powerful Italian singer, known for her astonishing career bloomed in Dubai, during the past six years, where she went from landing in the UAE Gold City with a suitcase, dreams in her pockets and her impressive register of 4 octaves, to owning the scene and singing for the international host Elle DeGeneres to crowning events such as the Formula 1 where she supported Enrique Iglesias and Florence and The Machine.

She has been the voice of luxury brands such as Paco Rabanne, Bvlgari, Adidas, Puma, Google.

With such an outstanding and bright career, and her growing channel on Youtube, Nya, who has just released her brand new single, “Someway, Somehow”, makes us sing the catchy chorus with her right away.

The song, inspired by the frequencies of the diva Adele, leads us to be a halfway between “Human”, which is uptempo and went viral on TikTok for being largely used in Asia, and the romantic ballad “Only You”, dedicated to her future husband Shamek, head of Licata Records, the multi-talented London agency and label.

The future Mrs. Farrah, is also actively involved into the label, which offers professional consultancy, artist management, professional music productions, song writing, coaching and recordings to artists to later progress their career at the next level by securing signings to major labels.

I am honestly looking forward to the forthcoming album named after the first single, “Human”.

Every song talks straight to the soul, the same soul that Nya Crea puts while she writes and composes them.
Listen to hit from Spotify, right here:

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