Femme Luxe review with the crazy Belgian weather.

If there is something that I learned since I moved here, it is that in Belgium, the weather is crazy. 

One day you have 30° and the next one is raining hard. 

Accordingly, your closet has to include summer clothes and some warmer garments on the same season. 

Yesterday I was riding my bike, and it was the best sunny day ever. 

Today I’m here writing this article and outside is raining hard since last night.

So I thought that this time I could offer you a post right on the spot on how to dress while you live in the north of Europe.

Nothing better than the latest PR package I received from Femme Luxe Finery, straight from Manchester, United Kingdom.

I must admit that this time, the delivery was absolutely super fast. 

I placed my order and three or four days later, the package arrived straight to my doormat.

This time I wanted to cover more outfits, and so I ordered a blue dress bodycon mini-dress, a very fluffy mini-dress / jumper, a tie-dye tee, a pair of cargo pants, and an oversized hoodie with shorts loungewear set.

Pink Tie Dye Oversized T-Shirt – Veda

I love this cotton t-shirt so much! 

Honestly, I never had anything with the tie-dye technique, and now that is so much a trend, I wanted to try to do it on my own.

Then this tee came up among my possible choices, and I clicked on it immediately.

I took it for a long bike ride, and it is the perfect outfit to do some outdoor activities as much as with some white jeans.

This tee comes also in purple and in blue, and I may order these two the next time they will be available as currently, they are sold-out.

Taupe & Black Oversized Hoodie Shorts Loungewear Set – Ariyah

I wasn’t really sure about this one, because I rarely wear shorts and sleeveless hoodies, but then it is khaki, and you know how much a fan I am of this color and relative shades. 

So I ordered this set composed by shorts and its hoodie and the best decision ever! 

It is incredibly comfortable, soft, and with the warm but windy weather of the north of Europe, is the perfect companion

I feel beautiful in it, and it is perfect for doing sport to shopping with friends, to lounging at home.

Royal Blue Ruched Cowl Neck Bodycon Mini Dress – Sofie

Last winter, while I was visiting Nya in London, I found this beautiful pair of shoes in a great electric blue shade in a second-hand shop in Croydon.

Then I saw this dress, and it was a match right away. 

Color block at its finest, and it looks like they were born to be together with their electric blue tones.

Classy yet with a summer vibe, it could be the perfect outfit for a wedding as much as for a cocktail with your friends.

Cream Sherpa Oversized Jumper – Keilani

Suddenly this week, the weather dropped from sunny warm days to cold, rainy, windy ones. 

But if I have to be honest, I am happy about this, as I have the chance of wearing this cream-colored jumper and get cozy at home with my new pink Senseo coffee machine.

It looks like a teddy coat, but it is softer, the sleeves are wide, it has a turtle neck wide enough to let you hide your face up to the nose in it.

Stone Cargo Slim Fit Trouser – Sunny

From the photos, and the name, I thought I was going to receive one of those skinny trousers I battle with when it comes to slip in but that I adore.

That’s why I ordered a size more.

These run wide, I wish I ordered one size less, but probably I will in the next future.

The trousers are stretchy and easily adapt to your curves.

The material is fresh, a nice one for the summer heat, while the pockets are a great thing when it comes to being able to carry your things in them. The handcuffed style gives them the chance to be worn with sneakers and with heels easily.

These cargo pants come also in black and green, so I am looking forward to owning the other two colors because they are very comfortable.

I am so grateful to Femme Luxe Finery for this long-term partnership, I am always well-dressed and in a comfortable way.


    • Hi John! Yes I did, but it is my “lazy day” coffee machine as I literally live on top of our coffee place, so wouldn’t make sense to buy a super coffee machine when I have a coffee bar right under my feet, but I will check it out for sure


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