Socratic Solutions, Kratom and the millenary Indonesian remedy.

A Kratom posing all fancy for us leaf in Indonesia

Being a frequent traveler myself to South-Asia, in particular to Indonesia, in the past two-almost-three years I have become very familiar with their millenary culture and the use of natural solutions when it comes to healing the body.
Kratom is one of those solutions.

This plant is widely known for its therapeutic benefits throughout Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam, and Thailand.
For generations, natives have been using the leaf of Kratom to cure skin conditions, malaria, cough, diarrhea, and as a painkiller.
On top of this, it helps in reducing fever, anxiety, depression and help with some diabetes symptoms.

I heard for the first time, a year ago, in Palembang (Indonesia), when I was dealing with an excruciating migraine due to the high humidity, jet-lag, and lack of sleep.
I remember this old man with a light yellow shirt, who was waiting for us to take the photos with him at the Freestyle Motocross show, looking at me and saying “You can use kratom! Kratom is very good!”.

Back then, I honestly couldn’t link the word to a plant even though I sensed it was something related to alternative medicine.
I went on Google to look up at it and bingo! There it was the whole explication.

A plantation in Indonesia

The brand Socratic Solutions, which I got in touch with as they knew I am an Indonesia experienced traveler, asked me to write an article about them as there are still too many stigmas on this natural resource.

Little tea spilled here and my own opinion: isn’t just curious how every time we have a natural solution that could help a lot of people, the big Pharma brother comes up trying to spread bad advertisement?

Socratic Solutions is a provider of the finest organic kratom capsule and powder products available at the unbeatable prices expected from a low-cost leader.

Based on the concept that they search for a life-long friendship with their customers looking forward to the feedback provided.

Socratic Solutions is committed to providing free shipping and having a large payment method including e-check, Google Pay, Zelle, Venmo, and others.

Every month, Socratic Solutions is able to supply 50 tons via air cargo from Indonesia and they offer 22 varieties of kratom, offering a heart to heart experience by manufacturing their own capsule products.

Socratic Solution capsules

If you travel to Indonesia, and you go to a pharmacy, you will be able to check yourself how they sell natural remedies as well.

Honestly, one of my main goals in life is to move to Bali and live there, possibly in a rice field not so far from the beach.
And having my plants of Kratom in the backyard.

As for now, we are all still bounded to the stay-home policy for the coronavirus, I hope to be able to go back there soon and make you a Youtube video about the kratom plantations.

In the meanwhile, shop at Socratic Solutions and relieve yourself with the best natural painkiller by using my discount code BARBARAFAVAFMX1 and clicking here

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