Femme Luxe May 2020 Try-On review and haul

That’s the smile I had yesterday when I saw the mailman coming to my door with the pink package.

I won’t lie: I am thankful to have so many Femme Luxe lounge sets to chill with during this never-ending quarantine.

I have been on a roller-coaster of emotions, fashionable talking.

At the early stage of this pandemic situation, I used to wear clothes like jeans, tees, and dresses.

Then I have been through the pajama phase.

I had a day pajama and night pajama.

Then I decided that Miranda Priestly would have despised me with what I was wearing.

That’s when my partnership with Femme Luxe turned from “I go to the Fashion Week with Femme Luxe” to “I stay-in with Femme Luxe”.

Earlier this month I made a try-on video on my Youtube channel for you to show you some of the past outfits that were sent from the brand.

I mean, what’s the point in blogging about outfits that we can’t wear right now when we still have a month ahead of us, and we can get all cozy and chitty-chat in loungewear?

So this week I received my new PR package from my girls at Femme Luxe and it contained:

Black Ribbed V Neck Midi Jumper Dress – Ivy 

If I could wear “ribbed-everything” I probably would.

This dress has everything.

It is black, it has long sleeves I can wear on my hands, it is very flattering for my body shape, it has a V-neck and it is of my favorite length in a dress: midi.

So it is under the knee.

Black dresses are never enough and they are always useful.

It is the quickest answer to “What can I wear” to a party, a dinner, a walk in the park or at work.

For sure this one, soft and classy as it is, will be a constant presence in my future suitcases.

Black ‘In A World Where You Can Be Anything Be Kind’ Print Crew Neck T-Shirt – Cordelia 

It is made in cotton, it is black, it has a sentence in hand-written font, and the sentence is a way of living to me.

This adorable t-shirt is slim-fit shaped and it can be styled with a blazer and some jeans as well as with some joggers.

It is available as well in white.

I must admit that the t-shirt collection from Femme Luxe is cute.

They implemented a lot more casual tees since the pandemic has started.

The style is chic and the materials are of good quality for the prices.

White High Neck Cropped Loungewear Set – Ella

Usually, I am not a huge fan of white, and I am not a fan of high neck clothing. 

Because I work as an announcer in very dirty and dusty places, and I am the kind of person that gets upset if she sees a stain on her outfit. 

The turtle neck is because most of the time they are very tight, and I don’t like to feel pressure on my neck.

But, and I underline this but, Femme Luxe knows it better and gave me the perfect white Lounge wear set, called Ella.

This one is soft, is what is called a creamy white and the turtle neck is not tight at all. 

The upper part comes with a crop top, as the majority of the Femme Luxe lounge sets.

For me to wear something white, it takes this something to be very special, and this lounge wear set, it is.

Black Crop Loungewear Set – Deanna

Have you ever liked something so much that you decided to buy two of that, but in a different color?

That’s me with the Loungewear Set Deanna

I have it in khaki (as you can check here), and now I have it also in black.

The material is not the same, as the black one feels silkier than the khaki one, but the cut is identical.

I like this one because it gives the hourglassed shape to my body and I find it very flattering and comfortable.

Grey & White Knitted Crop Top Loungewear Set – Lelia 

I wanted this back in January, as it was already available. Then when I clicked on it, my size was sold-out. 

So as your girl here never surrenders, I waited four months for it.

I could feel the softness calling me from the screen of my computer.

This time I made it, it’s mine and yours truly is currently wearing it paired up with the Cordelia Tee.

Guys, I think I just found my “long-flights outfit” for this 2020. 

This grey and white knitted set gives the body a great shape but it absolutely does not tighten me, flattering but not constricting me.

And it has pockets. Woohoooh! We know it, it is an unspoken rule among women.

If an outfit has pockets, we have to scream it at the top of our lungs.

I am genuinely impressed with my PR package, I feel I found a brand (or better, they found me through my blog) that makes me look like a rockstar keeping me comfortable wherever I am or do.

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