Nicotine pouch over a cigarette: yes, please!

We all know cigarettes, cigars, tobacco to be chewed, and liquid vapes.

But behind the smoke of tobacco produced by this kind of product, there is another way of assuming nicotine, which can be way much more interesting and safer.

I am talking about nicotine pouches.

Originally from the Sweden of the 18th century, is still nowadays a very Swedish traditional product and the nicotine pouches made their way among tobacco lovers.

Thanks to the fact that they can be consumed without producing the annoying and unpleasant smoke of the cigarettes or without having to spit in case of the chewing option, pouches are a win-win when it comes to consuming tobacco in a public place.

Indeed, a pouch is consumed by inserting the small bag under your lip.

In my family, there are a lot of smokers. 

My mother, my dad, my brother, my partner, all of them are into smoking, each one in a different approach. 

So to me, being able to talk to them into trying the pouches as an alternative, could be a game-changer option.

I recently saw an article about nicotine pouches and I decided to investigate a little further as the idea sits well with me. 

I landed on the website Nearest Snus where I could wrap my head around the whole story and learn a lot about pouches.

First of all, they usually come in small metal boxes, they are teabag-like, they come in different flavors and they are considered a healthier option to smoking.

This is how a box of nicotine pouches looks like.

While they are not risk-free, they do reduce to the minimum the risk of getting cancer.

Last year, in October 2019, the Food and Drug Administration, declared the pouches as the first so-called reduced-risk tobacco product ever sanctioned.

Giving a green light to companies to advertise the pouches as a lower risk of lung cancer, heart diseases, bronchitis.

This has been a milestone decision taken to benefit those Americans in search of an alternative to cigarettes.

Above all of these pieces of information, nicotine pouches come in tens of different flavors. 

From melon to mint, to berries, to bergamot, to cola to caramel vanilla and mani more, there is a pouch for everybody.

I think it is a fair solution, not only for those who consume the pouches but as well for those that surround them and live with them.

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