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SnusFlavors, the nicotine pouches experts.

A week ago, I blogged for the first time about nicotine pouches, and I received quite a response from my followers as most of them are in process to quit smoking, trying to find a healthier option to their nicotine’s need.

As for every subject, there is always a group of experts and “aficionados” (as they refer to themselves), ready to share their knowledge with the people that decide to learn more.

In this case, the maestros, are the guys from SnusFlavors, an online community founded by those enthusiast fans of the nicotine pouches, doing a great job when it comes to reviews and sharing useful content.

I got in touch with them, as they wanted to collaborate with me by helping in spreading the nicotine pouches culture among the public.

Honestly, as I said in my last post, I find this solution 100% better than having to inhale the disagreeable smell of cigarette smoke.

I agreed and I went for a virtual walk on their website decided to learn more concerning what I already got from my last article.

We already know about the story of this product, about its Swedish origins, and about the general information about this product.
First of all, nicotine pouches are not about tobacco.

It is about getting nicotine, through a small “tea-like” bag, that you have to insert between the lip and the gums.
That’s it.
No cigarettes, no lighters, no matches.
It is just you, your tin case full of pouches and, of course, the pouches.

I literally tried to google the first flavor I was thinking of. Popcorn. And it does exist.

Second thing, think about a flavor that you cherish.
There is a high likelihood that among the hundreds of options given by the brands, one of them, produces a nicotine pouch with that flavor.

On the SnusFlavors website, you can have a panoramic of this part, by exploring their menu Flavors and have a look around.
There are nicotine pouches with a licorice flavor, a fruity flavor, a mint one or a smokey, and a dessert one.
Without forgetting the chocolate flavored and the aniseed ones.

All of those categories have subcategories like for example in the case of the dessert category, the cola, the vanilla, or the caramel vanilla nicotine pouches.

The White Nicotine Pouches

There is also a category, aside from all those we just went through.
I am talking about the white nicotine pouches.
The white pouches come with or without nicotine.
Our friends at SnusFlavors also, kindly explain to us, that while a regular nicotine pouch is manufactured moistened, a white pouch is not, and it is dry.
This means that a white pouch will last longer than a regular one.
They also come in two different kinds, which are strong and mild, and it is referred to as how much nicotine it contains.

So how to recognize them?

It is incredibly easy: the white pouches are just as the name says, white.
The regular nicotine pouches are darker due to the moisture contained.
The higher the moisture, the higher is the level of nicotine absorbed.

My Final Thoughts

I hope to be able to have a deeper chat, one day, with one of the founders of SnusFlavors.
I would love to make them an interview to be able to offer you a wider perspective on the nicotine pouches world.
In the meanwhile, visit their website and enjoy the walk, just as I did.

This is a sponsored post, but it contains my honest opinions as I had the chance to investigate further on the subject.


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