Strawberrynet my favorite online beauty store.

The look I created by using all of the products I was sent by Strawberrynet.

I am the kind of beauty addict who prefers going into shops when she has to buy something because I’m a huge fan of smelling and doing swatches on my skin.

Try products to check them one by one is something that I love to do as it allows me to understand the texture and the pigmentation of my future eyeshadows or makeup days or whatever thing I am going to buy.

But during this quarantine, I had to upgrade my game and find an online beauty store that could allow me to buy my favorite products, all in one place, and with a fast shipping service.

I got in touch with the marketing girls of Strawberrynet, and they asked me if I was interested in checking out their platform, give them feedback, and ordering some products to understand if their website is what I was searching for.

Obviously I say yes!

I mean let’s be honest: who am I to say no to beauty products? I know that you would have done the same!

When I started looking around the website, I immediately got impressed by the huge selection of products and brands that this online shop offers to its clients.

The website offers hundreds and hundreds of products and plus they gave to me the opportunity to make you save even more with a special discount code that you will be able to find at the end of this article.

Three of the products that I ordered from

Most of the time when we go for online shopping of beauty products, we have to wander from one brand’s website to the other, making several orders before being able to have our complete selection.

On Strawberrynet it works differently because you can be shopping from Dior to Tangle Teezer to NYX Cosmetics without having to search any further. 

Above this, the prices of the items that they sell are way much cheaper than any other shopping platform I’ve checked.

I proceeded to order a few items that I needed and that I was going all the way to buy somewhere else.

Tangle Teezer Blow-Styling Brushes

A frame I took from the video that got tens of girls asking me what I did or what I used to obtain these hair.

My first products where the blow styling hairbrushes from Tangle Teezer, I am talking about the paddle one and the round tool.

In the past two years, I let my hair grow, and right now I have them over my shoulders, so I needed some tools to be able to style them on everyday life.

I found them and I saved an average of 31% on each brush, having a paddle one and a round one.

I got very professional results and people started to ask me what I did with my hair because they looked absolutely amazing. My hair was left shiny, soft, and Styled just like I wanted them to be.

I posted a video on Instagram, to thank Femme Luxe for their latest super fast shipped PR Package and people went crazy about my hair.

Nyx Born to Glow Illuminating Primer

Photo taken by me of the actual product

Another product that I ordered is the NYX Born to glow illuminating primer.

As you know I am a big fan of the brand, I already marked the two years of collaborating steadily with them, from Mexico to Belgium. 

I was almost finishing my favorite primer, the Bare With Me gel primer that I was kindly gifted by the brand, so I wanted to try the primer that was born to be the companion of my favorite makeup foundation, the Born To Glow one. 

NYX Pro Blending Brush

Photo taken by me of the actual product

Along with the years I have tried a lot of brands when it comes to brushes but I must say that since I’ve tried those from NYX I never went for others.

They are well-made, soft, practical soft comfortable soft and they hold the powders very well and they were also very good with creamy eyeshadow.

Above everything the brand is cruelty-free and vegan for most of the products so it totally goes with my mindset.

So Lashy Blast Pro Mascara from Cover Girl

Photo taken by me of the actual product

I want to try for a long time one of the mascaras from Cover Girl, which is the So Lashy Blast PRO Mascara in the tone Extreme black.

I have seen several reviews around the web and all the girls that were trying it, they were absolutely happy with it, so why not giving it a go considering that I needed a new mask as well?

I saved on the mascara a solid 25% off, going from the original price of $10 to just $7.50.

The mascara itself leaves you with black eyelashes, each one separated, and it’s practical to use with a brush that comes with it. 

I was expecting you to leave my lashes a little bit curlier, but then I don’t use an eyelashes curler.

So if you do this could be a great option for you as a mascara.

Kiss Me Medicated Hand Cream

A photo taken by me in my garden with the Kiss Me Medicated Hand Cream

I needed a hand cream because I have very dry cuticles and then they crack and it hurts. 

So I decided to give it a go-to this hand cream because I’ve been reading around a lot of very good reviews about it. 

The product is absolutely great, it works wonders with the hands and Above all they’re not left greasy or sticky. 

Plus it’s a great sizing to be able to carry it in my handbag for my everyday hand treatment.

BYS Highlighting Powder Palette

My palette from BYS

I needed a new highlighting powder palette because I finished mine, and I was tempted to buy either this one from BYS or the one from NYX.
In the end, I wanted to try something new and I was catcalled by all the colors that this palette offers.

So the truth is that this palette is absolutely amazing!
The pigmentation of the powders is absolutely incredible.

I was so used to have lightning powders that were not pigmenting so much that the first time that I use this one, I was blown away by how great it works.

And I have so many colors to play with!
I tried also using it as an eyeshadow and yes, you can definitely rely on this palette for multiple purposes.

Resuming, you should totally try to have a shopping experience on the website, I am sure you will have a big smile smacked on your face when exploring it!

Use my special code FAVA10 to get an another 10%OFF your order!

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