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Printsfield printed socks with my cat’s face.

I ride in style.

Everybody knows how in love I am with my two cats, Kawa and Minimini.

They pop up in my videos, photos, and my audience enjoys their appearances probably even more than mines .

So it is not so uncommon for me, to receive PR packages from brands who are dedicated either to animal products, or pet-related gadgets.

I have received phone cases with Kawa’s face, hoodies with their photos printed…I am a younger version of the CrazyCat Lady from the Simpsons.

This time, Minimini is the star of the campaign, as I was contacted by the American brand Printsfield, asking if they could send me a product of theirs to review it.

Minimini sleeping among her official merchandise.

I went on their website and, honestly, I had a hard time choosing what I wanted.

Ultimately, I decided that a pair of pink socks, with a sushi theme and the faces all over of Minimini, would have been a great addition to my outfits.

Because I am 34 years old and I never had socks with kitties, so it was about time.

The operation to order your desired product is very simple.

You go on their website, you decide which product, then which design, and then you proceed to upload the photo you want them to elaborate on your socks. 

That’s it! Easy peasy, lemon squeazy!

I got mine yesterday, and I had in my plans to go and have a ride with my bicycle, so I put them on decided to give them a great “crash-test”.

These are the greatest, epic, socks ever.

I rode for 15 kilometers wearing them loud and proud and they did very well.

No sweaty feet, no blisters and they are very comfortable.

They are very eye-catchy, people are drawn to them and they are surprised to know that the kitty is my actual cat.

As you know, this blog is to have great products and save money for the biggest part, so here you have a special discount for you to order whatever you want from Printsfield and save a solid 20%OFF with the code thewanderingcloud20

My next project is going to be some boxers for William with my face all over in a facemash pattern.

He laughed about it.

Or probably was laughing at the fact that he has a very funny and insane girlfriend.


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