Cosmorigin, the Belgian vegan eco-friendly shampoo

Rainy Belgium days, coffee and fresh hair.

Belgium is an amazing country when it comes to nature.

I moved here by the end of 2019, and I immediately recognized the great effort that the Belgian make to be more eco-friendly as possible.

Among those brands, there is one that got my full attention and it’s called Cosmorigin.
This brand produces organic, vegan, cruelty-free, and eco-friendly shampoos in three different fragrances: raspberry, mint lemon, and monoi, each one designated to offer the perfect fit for each kind of hair.
I’m not new to using cruelty-free products and paying attention by using more solid products as I can because, before Cosmorigin, I didn’t have so many choices when it came to shampoos.
I got in touch with them because they noticed my blog and my passion for proposing products reflecting their same beliefs, and we decided to collaborate.

Our collaboration was about testing in real-life their shampoos and writing a review about my thoughts upon them.

So I received my shampoos more or less a week ago and before writing anything I wanted to take my time to try them multiple times
I received the one with raspberry and the one with mono, this is because I share very often on my stories that I like berries and I like tropical flavors.
It was nice to open the box and see that those people took the time to understand who I am, what I write about, and even my personal choices into fragrances or tastes.
The first thing that I noticed about these products is that the package is free of unnecessary plastic.

I got it indeed in a cardboard box.
The bottle of the shampoos is a new generation of bio-based packaging, which means that they are made from sugarcane for 96%.
This makes the production of their packaging eco-responsible and 100% recyclable.
Going back to the shampoo and the test this was my experience with them.

These are the two shampoos in my bathroom.

Cosmorigin Monoi Shampoo.

When I open this bottle of Cosmorigin Monoi, I immediately think about the summer weather of Bali, its beach, and all the Frangipani flowers. This shampoo is like the perfect cocktail for your hair and it hydrates very well.
If you are a fan of tropical scents this one is perfect for you.
It doesn’t make almost any kind of foam and honestly, I am glad about that because it means that these products are free from chemicals.
Sodium laurel sulfate is a cheap detergent widely used in shampoos and body wash on the conventional market.
You may think that the more foam, the cleaner the hair, but it’s not like that.
Sodium laurel sulfate destroys hair follicles and can cause problems to your eyes, but is still used for 90% of the commercial shampoos.

Cosmorigin Raspberry Shampoo.

This one is my favorite because I have a passion for berries indeed I’m drinking right now water with raspberry juice as I’m writing this post.
The scent is really nice and it’s not overwhelming, leaving you with hair delicately smelling like raspberry.
It leaves the hair shiny with natural movement.

As you can see from the photo I took while washing my hair, the shampoo doesn’t make all the foam that conventional ones make, and it is the proof that they are free from chemicals.

Actual photo from my phone while I was testing the Cosmorigin Raspberry shampoo.

I could definitely notice the difference between using commercial shampoo and using one from Cosmorigin.

Being honest, this brand is doing a great job by producing products of quality and standing strong to their ideas.
I hope that in the future they will think about making also their hair conditioners because it would make the perfect match in the shower.

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