Where to make money as a content creator in 2020 (and still valid in 2022).

Yes, that’s a part of my backyard, where I shoot most of my content for Femme Luxe and other beauty campaigns.

2022 UPDATE: All of those platforms and links are still active and working great. So go and get your money!

One of the biggest challenges for a content creator, a blogger, Youtuber, or an Influencer, is to find platforms able to bring you campaigns to work with and to earn money from.
I have been researching on the subject for over two years now, testing, subscribing, and applying to campaigns to search the best platforms where you can actually make a living out of it with the right amount of dedication.
Times are hard due to the pandemic situation, so I hope that this post will help you to find more jobs.

Having a blog increases considerably your chances of landing paid collaborations with brands, it gives you more credibility and expand the range of offers that you can make to a brand when it comes to negotiating.
To start your own blog, click here.


Dealspotr is so far, the best platform I have been working with as a blogger in the last couple of years.
Mostly known as a deal sharing community, where people can find discounts and offers on their favorite products and brands, it is also a great influencer platform.
It offers new campaigns almost daily for the most disparate niches, such as travel, beauty, fashion, wellness, and so on.
Your fees are automatically calculated with the sum of your engagement on all of your social media, so no need to discuss the payment with the brands.
Payments are automatically collected once the campaign is approved and “frozen” by Dealspotr.
Once you finish your campaign, and the brand will approve it, you will be paid right away through Paypal.

To apply, click on the green badge right here:

Barbara Fava
I’m earning rewards helping other shoppers save money.
— Barbara Fava


Intellifluence is a smaller but very active platform where I got probably the easiest campaigns to deliver.

I have been able to work with Home Depot for the Black Friday in 2019, with nicotine pouches companies a few days ago, and many more.

Plus just as for Dealspotr, the staff is very considerate in case a brand stops replying or if you need assistance.
The campaigns go from sharing a tweet (I made 30USD with one tweet), to write a blog post, to share content on your social media, and usually, the campaigns are very well paid.

As Dealspotr, you will receive your payments on Paypal.

Intellifluence will retain the payment for a period of 15 days to ensure that the content will stay visible to the audience for at least two weeks.

If you are a content creator and want to apply, click here.
If you are a brand and want to be part of Intellifluence, click here.


Yes, the platform is very transparent. The musicians you collaborate with, are able to leave you a public review.

If you are a music blogger, reaction Youtuber, or if you are a very passionate music influencer and you want to earn some money while sharing and reviewing tens of brand new songs every day, this is the right platform for you.

Submithub was born a few years ago by the music blogger Jason Grishkoff from Indie Shuffle to provide a safe connection between musicians and curators.

The result is the purplish Submithub community, where thousands of musicians get their chances of being featured in playlists, on blogs, on Youtube channels, on Instagram accounts, and ask for a review to people coming from a music background.

Every curator is personally selected by the SH staff as they deeply care about they curators to be in line with the music niche, and once they approve you, you will be able to start working right away.

About who they search, here you have their own words:

“We’re primarily looking for Instagram Influencers who have more than 5,000 followers and are passionate about music. They can be photographers, travelers, models, dancers, athletes, hobbyists, etc. – as long as their content is original and their audience is engaged!”

-SubmitHub Staff

The platform is very transparent, you get 0.50 cents with the chance to increase your fee if you meet some criteria regarding the quality of your job, to review each song, and if you like it, you can post about it on your social media. 

You can choose if you want to get paid by Paypal or straight to your bank account through Transferwise.

For this one, I prefer to receive it on my bank account as it is faster and you pay fewer fees.

You can easily open an online bank account on N26 in few minutes like me by clicking here.

I have been using N26 for months now and it works very well

If you want to apply to SubmitHub, click here


Perlu is a great content creator community, where from time to time, among the lovely collaborations among bloggers, you can also find collaborations with brands and with the platform itself.

They made recently a survey on COVID19, I answered it and got paid 30USD for a few minutes of my time.

Plus you can grow your audience by collaborating with other bloggers, YouTubers, Instagrammers, and more.

Join by clicking here

I will keep updating the list in time, and for sure will post more about this kind of platforms as I think it is important to support each other.

In this post the invitation links are referrals and I may earn a few cents or bucks if you decide to join.

In the meanwhile, have fun in discovering those listed here, and I will hold my fingers crossed for you!

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