I am officially an Amazon Vine Voice!

Among the achievements for this July 2020, I have been invited by Amazon to be part of their Vine Voices Program.
The Amazon Vine Voices are selected reviewers, known to be reliable and honest in their feedback, and with a high reviewer ranking, providing reviews on products sent them for free by Amazon, to help future customers.

It is an invitation-only program so there is no way to apply for it.
Amazon itself gets in touch with the selected reviewers, and several criteria are considered when choosing the next Vine Voice member.

To be honest with you, I was very surprised and happy to receive the invitation.
As a matter of fact, Amazon is the biggest company and the highest reference when it comes to online shopping and reviews.

Amazon Vine elaborates a list of products based on my previously purchased items so they know that I will enjoy reviewing them and I will be able to use them for real.

I have so much fun in testing products, and thanks to the Amazon Vine algorithm, every day I wake up and find some products that are 100% a fit for me, like bicycle accessories, beauty products, organic products, supplements, pets items for Kawa and Minimini as well as for our dogs Staff and Fjen, home decor products and much more.

The Phone Holder I received through the Amazon Vine Program and I personally tested on bumpy country roads.

I am the kind of person who always, and I underline always, read the reviews when it comes to buying something because I think it’s the best way to know if a product is really worth it or not.

I was already part of the Amazon Influencers with my own front store where I suggest to my followers, products that I bought or would buy and I earn a small commission if people decide to buy something from my store.

Among the great suggestions for French Presses for coffee lovers like me, I also have the chance to make you live experiences such as a virtual makeup try-on experience or support local makers and sellers from the United States like on this page.

I am a Prime client on my own because, to be honest, free delivery is a great thing, and plus you have free access to hundreds of tv series, movies, songs, and Kindle books.

Though I am a great fan of physical books as you have seen in the past from my reviews, I understand the need of using a Kindle especially when you travel.
I have been carrying around books all of my life, and yes, they play a decisive role in the suitcase weight.
So in the future, I will probably join the e-reader fan club.

Going back to Prime, Amazon offers a discounted Amazon Prime Membership for just $5.99/month* for qualifying customers with an EBT or Medicaid card.

But the offers on Amazon Prime subscriptions, don’t end here as students have their own offer with a 6 months trial and a half-price service then or Amazon Prime in Spanish that you can get by clicking here.

I will start posting from time to time, about the Amazon products that earned five stars with me with the relative links to the items, to allow you to shop knowing that the product is a great one, and has already been tested by yours truly.

Feel free to leave a comment telling me if there is any specific product that you would like me to test!


  1. LOL. Nothing better to do on a Saturday night I see! What I said in my post, are public information available for everybody on the Amazon website in WHATEVER LANGUAGE you want. Go to play the internet police somewhere else.


    • We are renovating a whole detached house making it a coffee place and an apartment on the second floor. The house has been abandoned for 5 years with consequential heating systems and water pipes issues. So no, I don’t sell on eBay because I’m using those items.
      For instance I don’t even use eBay since 2006.


  2. Hey, that’s awesome :))) It’s sounds super fun but I haven’t received and invitation yet.
    How does the Amazon Vine platform looks like. Do you get notification when new products have been released?


  3. I’m not sure you’re supposed to advertise the fact that you are a Vine reviewer. That said, do you know if there is a way to search products? I’m finding going through pages and pages of items, even when choosing to view them by category, is the most frustrating thing so far.


    • Our Amazon profiles with the Vine badge are public and for everyone to see and search, and what I say here it’s nothing more than what they explain on the page of the program for everybody to read. Mind also that there is a difference between writing about my own experience and advertising. With time you will just start scrolling and visualizing what you like, without wasting too much time on it.


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