My rainy July’s Femme Luxe unboxing in in Belgium.

Last time I wrote about Femme Luxe, it was quite a bright-colored blog post, so this time due also to the rainy weather of the last days, I thought to shift on the dark-colored theme.

Black, khaki, and a tie-dye tee are going to be the superstars of this post, dedicated to Femme Luxe.

The fashion brand from Manchester, United Kingdom, has been collaborating for me since January, and they have been sending me PR packages, to dress me for my posts and for my everyday life.

Mind that all the items that I blog about, are items that you will see popping up in my Instagram stories, in my social media posts, because I do actually like them a lot.

Black Rib Two Piece Loungewear Set – Aloranna

I know, I fell for it once again.

I got this lounge set in white last month, and of course, I wanted it in black as well.

And you know what?

Now I can combine them for a double color-block look with the most classy combination, black and white.

The pants are so flattering and so comfortable, making them are the perfect outfit to hang out with my friends for tea at our new favorite spot in town.

Black Ribbed Crop Top Straight Leg Loungewear Set – Aniston

Black will never go out of fashion.

If you don’t know how to dress to impress, try a black set, a great makeup, a hair bun, and you are all set to achieve whatever you want.

I loved and still love the black jumper I got from Femme Luxe last winter, but to go riding on my bike, is a bit a challenge due to the wide sleeves.

The top of this loungewear Aniston set is just perfect for it.

I love wearing it with white sneakers, red lipstick, and my shades.

Hollywood glam is guaranteed.

I can’t wait to be able to travel again, to sport it in some international airport.

Black Tie Front Organza Mesh Sleeve Crop Top – Dash

I never had a top like this one.

Back in the days, and we are talking about the late ’90s-early 2000s’ when I desired to be like Britney Spears, I would have died for this top in full I’m a slave for you style. 

This top is the revised version, and it’s adorable. 

I can pair it up with so many items in my closet!

The long organza mesh sleeves are dreamy, and the tie on the front makes this top perfect with almost every lower part of your clothes.

Honestly, if I was you, I would pair it up as I did, with the Loungewear Set Aniston, as a top to wear under the sweater or with a pair of cyclist shorts!

It exist also in white, and it is highly probably that I will order that one as well in the future.

Khaki V Neck Short Sleeve T-Shirt – Alaya

I am utterly in love with my khaki loungewear set Deanna.

I have been talking about it several times as my favorite, but the long-sleeved crop top needed to be replaced for the summer season, with a t-shirt.

I found this tee in khaki color while wandering on the Femme Luxe website, and it was love at first sight!

There was also a crop top version, but I wanted something longer, to be able to tuck it in with some high waist white jeans or leave it out in case of wearing leggings.

Femme Luxe has so many colors to chose from, so it was quite hard to decide which one order, but being me a khaki-black-pink themed girl when it comes to clothes, I went for this Alaya shirt this time.

It is never too late to order more of those tops.

Purple Tie Dye Padded Shoulder Sleeveless T-Shirt – Seema

Tie-dye went immense this year.

A lot of bloggers and influencers have been posting DIY videos about it. So fashion went along the trends, presenting a lot of collections in tie-dye style.

If you remember, in this post about Femme Luxe, I posted about a pink tie-dye shirt, which made it to my top ten of the most used in the last weeks.

It is literally one of those that you wash, and then you will wear it again right away.

I saw this cute padded sleeveless tee, and the combination of pastel colors, made me click on the select the size button to get myself one.

Soft, comfortable, and casual but incredibly stylish, it is the perfect tee to combine with some jeans for a business casual look.

Or just like with a pair of shorts for a total candy unicorn look.

My final thoughts?

I love Femme Luxe.

I don’t know how they do it, but they have surprised me during this pandemic situation and they have been able to switch from dresses to loungewear and tees in a blink of the eyes, and still, here they are making us feel so pretty!

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