Femme Luxe and matching outfits in Fall 2020.

If there is something that we learned in the past months, is that having comfortable clothes is not a crime.

I have been wearing tight pants, tight shirts, tight everything for years, including while taking flights from one side to the other of the world.


Because fashion said so.

But with the current worldwide situation, we learned how to feel good with ourselves even just wearing a simple t-shirt and a pair of pants.

I must admit that my style has changed a lot this year. 

Seems yesterday that I was strutting my stuff during the Milano Fashion Week this past February, with vinyl second-skin pants, and here I am suddenly in October , wearing a matching pair of lounge-wear and a tie-dye shirt.

Me that I would have died instead of wearing a tie-dye piece of clothing.

I changed but also my long partnership with Femme Luxe changed and evolved from super-sexy dresses to a more relaxed look, with their loungewear sets, joggers, tees, and much more.

And I am happy with it.

This week I received my PR package from the Manchester brand, and it contained X, X, X, X, and X dress.

Let’s review together with the first one.

Blue Off Shoulder Loungewear Set – Blake

This matching set is very similar to the Deanna one but has a drop-off shoulder which makes it romantic at its finest!

I love very much this lounge-set, they are beautiful, comfortable and they shape the body in a very flattering way.

The color is a brand new one in my closet.

To be honest, as far as I can remember, I don’t recall owning absolutely anything of this beautiful sky shade.

I decided to pair it with the blue tie-dye tee always from Femme Luxe and it goes absolutely great together!

I carry the top as a hoodie in case it gets colder or to throw it upon my shoulders in a very Italian-style.

Mid Blue Tie Dye Oversized T-Shirt – Veda


This t-shirt is my new 2020 obsession.

I have it in pink, and I love it so much that I also ordered the blue one.

It’s made of great quality cotton, very soft, and it is not slim fit.

I still need the lilac tee to complete my collection of Femme Luxe’s tie-dye shirts, but I am working on it. 

I love to tuck this oversized tee in my pants or jeans, as much as leaving it loose for a more relaxed style.

They go also very well with cyclist shorts!

Black ‘Baby Girl’ Slogan Print Oversized T-Shirt – Ellie

Another one of my favorite tees from Femme Luxe.

Good quality, the cotton is very soft, the print is a vivid pink Baby girl slogan, a bit in a Billie Eilish style.

I am not a fan of this singer, but she dresses quite cool, so I liked also this t-shirt and I ordered in black, while it is available also in white.

I like a lot the tees collection made in cotton.

They are comfortable yet stilish.

And let’s be honest, black tees are never enough, you can wear them everyday and looking great.

Black Cuffed Pocket Detail Joggers – Teddy

Ok, so these are the pants that I did not like so much, because of the sizing. I ordered a size 12 or M/L like I always do, being myself 173cm tall for 70 kilos, and they are more like leggings than joggers.

To me, jogger pants have to be like the Lizzie ones, always from Femme Luxe: large and soft.

Basically just like me.

These pants are nice but if you have to order at least two sizes more to obtain the jogger effect.

Or be remarkably fitness like miss Hannah Brownrigg (the brunette model from Femme Luxe). 

But please Femme Luxe, keep on doing pants with pockets because they are never enough.

Declared the girl who adores cargo pants, jackets, bags.

Coral Metallic Puff Sleeve Twist Front Mini Dress – Emily

One of the photos from my 50k hits of the blog!

In the ’90s I was singing “I’m a Barbie girl, in a Barbie world…”.

In 2020 I am wearing one of the most Barbie style dresses I have ever seen, let alone owned.

It is pink, very pink, and it is shiny, with puffed sleeves and a V neck making it the star of the party.

This same dress comes in other colors to match your mood: green and black are available on the website.

I ordered the pink version because I am a fanatic of pink everything, but the green one would be amazing for Christmas.

Yes. Christmas.

I am already looking forward to it.

From the 26th of December of the past year to be precise.

I think that this is my third pink dress from Femme Luxe, every single one in a different style and fabric.

My final thoughts? 

I liked this PR package, as always.

Maybe I was expecting more from the joggers as in my head joggers from Femme Luxe = Lizzie’s joggers.

But still, I received so many compliments on all the items that it’s good as it is.

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