Pearly Lustre silver earrings for a casual Sunday.

Sunday has been elected by myself, as Pearly Sunday Lustre.

Each Sunday, I am here, sitting at my desk while sipping my coffee or matcha and wearing those gorgeous pearl jewels.

As I see your entries coming in like a flood for the Pearly Lustre giveaway I launched this early week, and my heart is filled with joy by thinking how happy the winner will be.

This week I have been wearing a lot of cold tones clothing like grey, white, and I wanted my earrings to match the outfits.

I am not a big fan of the pendant, because most of the time, they end up stuck in my hair.

But these earrings, with their drop-shaped form, are sleek to the point that I never had a single hair getting tangled in them.

They are very similar to the model in gold I presented to you last week, but these are longer and in silver.

I also went wild one day and wore these plus the short goldish ones on the second holes of my ears.

And the result was very fashionable.

Four pearls on my ears, that’s a rich statement right there.

I have been dancing, recording videos for TikTok, shooting photos for Instagram, playing with Sky, who, by the way, on the 6th of November turned one year old, and my earrings did not fall off.

This one is the penultimate post about Pearly Lustre before closing a six weeks-long campaign and announcing the winner of the giveaway, so you still have a full week to give your best in the competition.

Click on the link below to enter!

I know that a few of my followers may not have the ears pierced, so I decided to wait to know the winner to let him or her decide which one among the pieces I blogged about, she or he wants to receive.

I think it’s the fairest thing to do.

These earrings don’t need any backing: the smart design, allows them to stay in place all day long.

But how to know if my earrings are real pearls?

Check these three important steps:

Enjoy more photos of those earrings and visit Pearly Lustre by clicking on this link.

You will be able to change the currency into the one from your country and you will be amazed by the low prices, also because with my code BARBARAFAVAFMX you will receive a great 25%OFF on your entire shopping spree.

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