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Pearly Lustre, rose gold studs and job opportunity!

And here we are, to the final post of these six weeks with Pearly Lustre.
It has been funny, a lot of photos, TikTok videos, coffees, and I enjoyed every single step of it.

In the meanwhile, what was born as a collaboration for six blog posts, has become something more indeed, I hired my first employee, a girl from Tijuana, Mexico, and she started to sell right away.
If you are into sales and want to work with me, hit me up in the comments or contact me by clicking here.

This past Monday, I also had the pleasure to withdraw through the electronic lottery, the winner of the giveaway contest.
The lucky winner is from Portugal, and I sent him an email announcing his victory.
He will be able to choose among the six jewels presented in those past weeks.

Between the magnificent six, there are also these rose gold studs that are my favorites.
Being short and double face, with one side with a freshwater pearl and the other side a pointy stud with crystals, these are amazing to wear.

Imagine receiving a last-minute invitation to a party or a cocktail with your girls.
You’re at your desk, one minute and you switch from the good girl look with the pearls to the rose gold studs, and you are ready to go.

I am using them also in combo with the gold pendants by clipping them on my second ear piercing.
They are a declaration of style with a strong definition in design.

The perfect combination for the modern woman in charge, and who knows what she wants and how to take it.
Check them out in my photos and go get them before they go sold out as other models, and be ready for those Festivities.

As for me, it’s already Black Friday, please, feel free to use my discount code BARBARAFAVAFMX and shop, shop, shop till you drop gorgeous!

You deserve it!

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