Blippo made my COVID times better and kawaii.

I have to be straight with you: I am utterly tired, over, exhausted by the whole COVID-19 situation.
For me, it started back in February during the Milano Fashion Week, and it’s a never-ending headache.
Not only because of the whole mental health struggle, but also for my coffee place that was supposed to open two days ago, and we couldn’t as we are currently on quarantine until December.
The positive side of the story is that finally, I had the chance to whitewash my office and my apartment, saying goodbye forever to the multiple grey tones to welcome a more healthy and productive work and living space.

Wearing a mask in 2020 is the new wearing a choker in the ’90s.

You have to, and while doing so, the more fashionable and safe, the better.
I have a decent collection of masks.
I went from reluctantly wearing the disposable blue ones to having masks with sequins, Mexican prints, and many others.
I also have a pink one bought last summer and lost somewhere in my closet during the moving.
Being crystal as the water that pink is my favorite color, a couple of weeks ago, I got contacted by the Japanese Kawaii shop Blippo, who offered me to review their disposable kawaii masks.
Now, to be honest, my first thought was meh…let’s go and check what is this about.
I clicked on the link and my eyes widened.

These masks are the definition of cute. Really.

You can’t be sad while wearing those.

But, I still wanted to test how comfortable they are, and so I accepted the quest.
The ten masks arrived in a lovely reusable kawaii plastic bag, well-sealed and well folded.
Made with three non-woven fabric layers with very comfortable earloops, and with a metal bridge for the nose, these masks are great.
They are a very comfortable size, covering my nose and my mouth as they should be covered.
I have been wearing them also while riding my bike, and I found the whole trip very comfortable.
This same model also comes reduced for kids, and it’s a strong point because I haven’t seen so many cute masks for the youngest ones.

Pink everything, coffee included and no, it’s not photoshop.

We all need kawaii masks at this time.

We all thought it was going to be the flu, and after a couple of months, over.
But it’s almost a year, and we are hoping for a vaccine.
In the meanwhile, let’s try to make this situation the best we can.
Starting by wearing masks, making us smile under them when we see ourselves and others.

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